Hillary vs. Trump


So….last night I watched this
CNN piece where they interviewed undecided voters in swing states to see if the conventions made any difference. Most of the ladies  were anti-Hillary Clinton. One lady even said, “It’s just that Hillary lies. She’s lied about so many things!”

Okay, number one:  let’s assume that everything you think you know about Hillary is true (it’s not). Number two,  do you know Donald Trump?

Don’t confuse a mistake with a lie.  There is not a politician or a person alive that has not made mistakes or told a lie.  We’re human. And I think the majority of Hillary critics are confusing just that — a mistake, an ill-informed decision, for intentional untruths.

But let’s just assume it is true. Let’s assume Hillary is a liar. Now look at Trump. That’s like saying — hey, would you rather have a foot fungus or bone cancer? Would you prefer the political equivalent of something that a $2.99 cream can get rid of, or would you rather have your whole damn leg cut off?

Donald Trump is that bone cancer.

Don’t give me that “well, I’d rather have neither” Bernie or Bust malarkey — to borrow from Joe Biden — because in a presidential election, casting a vote for someone NOT on the ballot, in essence, is casting a vote for the other guy.

Or as I saw it put somewhere:  Comparing Hillary and Trump are like likening eczema to cancer. Sure, they’re both diseases, but which one would you rather have?

If you still feel that Donald Trump, a man so geographically ignorant he can’t even pronounce the country Tanzania, who has the business ethics of a spiritually bankrupt investment shark running a Ponzi scheme and the moral compass of a slicked back used car salesman at a tote-the-note lot is still somehow fit to serve as the commander in chief of the finest fighting forces in the history of mankind and the global face and representation of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth, maybe this will help: 



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