The Words Donald Trump Couldn’t Say: Thank You, Captain Khan

There are over five thousand American Muslims currently serving in the United States armed forces. If you are willing to put on that uniform and lay down your life to defend the very freedoms that I enjoy — particularly the one that gives me the right to tell Donald Trump to go to hell and his supporters to kiss off — then who am I to care how, and to whom, you pray?  If you are willing to sacrifice and give yourself  to defend this nation, then I don’t care if you are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, male, female, black, white, asian, Latino, or pink with purple freaking polka dots. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, atheist or anywhere in between.  If you are willing to give your life to fight for my freedom, then the least I can do is give you the right to live your life as who you are and who you want to be.

There are over 900 American Muslims currently serving as members of the New York City Police Department. Let that marinate.

I can take a lot of Donald Trump’s stupidity because I believe my absolute favorite verse in the Bible when it tells me that weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. And I can handle the weeping that has unnecessarily been edured by our nation throughout the shame and embarrassment that is and has been the Donald Trump presidential candidacy, because I know that joy cometh on election morning. But of all the things he has done that has disgusted me the most, going after John McCain, insulting our troops and insinuating that we are a weak and ineffective military and that the world is no longer in awe of the men and women who defend this nation every day — is, without a doubt, the most infuriating to take.

And going after the parents of Captain Khan,  a hero who sacrificed in a way a man like Donald Trump cannot possibly imagine, sickens me the most. It disgusts me to a point of sadness, disbelief and rage.

I felt the same way during the rescue of Bowe Bergdahl as I watched men online who had never served their nation in any capacity, virtually spit on the uniform and the life of a man who has. If he, Bergdahl,  was guilty of the accused, we bring him back here and he will face military justice. That was the right — and the American — thing to do.

But we do not send a man who  was wiling to sacrifice everything, one who might not should have been there in the first place, to do just that and then turn our back on him if he break downs during the job we sent him to do. And we damn sure don’t allow men who have never worn the uniform of the United States to insult those who have and do.  Most pertinently, with regards to their service.

Yes, I felt the same about Bowe Bergdahl as I feel about Donald Trump insulting our military now. Don’t you ever stand up and  insult the service of anybody who put on the armor of the United States armed forces to protect your right to be a dick.

All we needed to hear from you Donald Trump were two words:  thank you.

And you couldn’t even handle that.

So what if Mrs. Khan’s religion didn’t allow her to speak out? If you’d so much as ever even read a Bible, you would know the way the Bible speaks on a woman’s role in the church. She’s not even allowed to lead songs, prayers; can’t teach a class of male children if they’ve been baptized. Not according to the teachings of the Church of Christ. Even if the mother of a war hero didn’t believe that it was proper to speak over her husband, who cares? 

This country grants freedom of religion in our founding documents — perhaps you should try reading those as well — and her son still died for you, you hamster-headed dayglow f*cktrumpet.

Thank you.  That’s all that was required, Trump.

Thank you.

May God protect all of our brave troops and grant strength to their families. I love and thank you all.

May God bless you and the United States… always.


2 thoughts on “The Words Donald Trump Couldn’t Say: Thank You, Captain Khan

  1. Thank you? It’s doubtful the words are in Donald Trump’s vocabulary. What gets me is how he always turns the issue around; not matter how ugly the words that tumble out of his mouth are, the “other guy” is always worse. Hell, I’d be surprised if Trump didn’t find a way to work Obama’s name into his comments.

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