Dear Internet: DON’T Tell Me Who To Be Or What To Say

Dear Internet:

There’s nothing that makes me madder than someone trying to tell me how to experience life, what to feel, or what to write about. Don’t you ever tell me what to write. This is my life; these are my views. I write about my experience, my opinion, my feelings, my struggles, and what’s going on in my existence. If that’s a problem for you, I can’t help that. There are scores of people who made it through whatever particular hell they were going through only because they had a way to write about it — they had someone to share it with, whether it was grief forums or a blog site. Many have only found the strength to get through divorce, death, disaster by the words and experience of others and being able to share their own. Don’t you dare ever tell me what I should or should not write about. And most importantly, don’t you dare ever tell me how I should or should not feel about Donald Trump.

I have opinions. I have thoughts. I have words. I will use them as I see fit for as long as I see fit — as long as I live. I’ve struggled through periodic bouts of somebody — usually a male, an Obama hater, or a cheating ex-boyfriend — trying to dictate how, when and where I write. You never have. You never will. My experience is mine and mine alone and my opinions are just that. Don’t you ever try to tell me who to be and what to say.

About anything. Particularly about my life or Donald Trump. This is what I do and this is how I deal — I write.

Find your own and get to it.


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