Take Downs of the Twatwaffle Just Keep Getting More Joyous!


Just when I thought my Donald Trump nicknames couldn’t get any better — Agent Orange; the Orange Menace; Ronald McDonald Trump (Chloe made that one); the tangerine twatwaffle; human cross between a tangelo and a banana peel  for a frickin face; quesadilla-faced mother fucker; hampster headed fucktrumpet, hampster headed dayglow rat fuck, the hampster-headed orange taint; Fuckface Von Clownstick; Benedict Donald; the ticket of Old Liar McLiarson and Scotty McSucks; and Mr. Two Corinthians — the internet spawned another one:  Mango Mussolini.

Mango Mussolini!

Hear that, you rambling facial twat with the vocabulary and insight of an intellectually delayed dog? It’s on, you neon bag of bullshit.

It’s on!


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