Tennessee State Legislators — Congratulations on Being Ridiculous.


Did you know that in the state of Tennessee you have to pay to be handicapped? This is news to me. The department of Motor Vehicles sends you a $3 fee to renew your handicap hanger. Now, these people who are handicapped and receive a handicap hanger have already paid for their tags. Why are they getting an additional charge just to park in the spot that they need? Granted, it’s $3 and I understand that someone has to pay to make the tags, but everytime I  so much as buy a latte in Tennessee, I pay about $0.35 tax. Every time you get a burger, you pay a tax. Unlike Ohio or similar places that don’t have a food tax,  we always pay tax! We talk about not having a state income tax, but instead of being similar to states that have a tax on money you make,  Tennessee charges you tax to eat!  Fine, no problem, but  don’t tell me that in all the Tennessee tax that you do pay, for everything you purchase — and I mean everything — that there isn’t money available to pay for the parking hangers of people who have a disability.

Why should handicapped individuals have to pay $3 more dollars than the rest of us when we get our license plates just to be able to park in a handicap spot? It’s not right. I don’t care if it’s “just $3” because it’s not just the $3. The statement says if you pay by mail, there’s an additional $2 charge — so that means a trip to the tags place.

An extra trip to the County clerk’s office — likely some local Kim dang Davis — and an additional fee simply for being handicapped.

Because they don’t coincide with the expiration of your tags.

The Tennessee legislature has become a joke. You cannot tell me that the funds aren’t available in Tennessee — a state that is thriving financially, largely in part due to Karl Dean and the City of Nashville — to pay for the parking tags for handicapped individuals.

Maybe the Tennesee state legislature should quit worrying about which bathroom transgender student use and whether or not they can try to make the Bible the “state book” — when it’s clearly constitutionally forbidden — and worry more about stopping the ridiculousness that is charging handicapped individuals just to be so.


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