Can Baseball Announcers Just Shut The Hell Up!

When I’m watching baseball, I feel the same way about the announcers as I have every boyfriend I ever had during SportsCenter — just shut the f*ck up and let me watch! Trying to watch the Braves and the Cardinals game and I didn’t think that there was a more annoying commentator than Joe Buck,  but apparently we have them.

Example (during Holliday’s THIRD at bat of the night): “Holliday, started his career at Colorado, been an outstanding hitter through his time here in St. Louis. 6 ‘4, 240 lbs, recruited to play quarterback at Oklahoma State, chose baseball…”

Blah, blah flipping blah! 

Would you like me to finish that for you, guys? Father was former baseball coach there, it’s now his brother who was former assistant manager to Tim Corbin at Vanderbilt. His mother had colon cancer, 4 kids, gorgeous wife, constantly visiting  the children’s ward of  St Louis hospitals. What else do you need — let me know, I know it all. Now, let’s just pretend it’s been said!

Just let me watch the flipping game, man!



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