Welcome to Tennessee, where we stalk the stalkers before they can stalk you.


The only time I’ve ever taken a picture of someone else’s property without their permission  and, in particular, posted it,    was the “Honk, if you think Hillary should go to jail!” window paint guy.  Because I feel like he was asking for it.

I find it creepy when people do that. I really find it creepy when women sneak pictures of other people’s rear ends to post on social media to body shame them.
You should never take somebody else’s picture without their permission — it’s rude.

I was sitting at Dunkin Donuts by the interstate having a coffee and this man rolls up and just snapped a picture of the back end of the car next to me. Everything about him seemed creepy and shady when he did it. When they walked out with their coffee, I noticed that they were 3 women alone.  I also noticed that they had a Michigan plate, so I knew they were traveling. 

I rolled down my window and said,  “Ma’am, I just noticed a man in a newer, red Honda Accord taking a picture of your license plate,  I thought you should know.”

I asked her did she have anything on the car that he might find interesting. She said she had a personalized license plate, but  I, personally, didn’t see anything fascinating about it. She mentioned they were from Michigan — she must be visiting Nashville because she seemed incredibly happy to talk about her visit with somebody from Tennessee — and I gave her the guy’s description and asked if that sounded like anybody she knew or had met. They said no, and I told her that I thought they might just want to be careful, and I just thought she should know.  I also noticed he was  setting at the gas pump about  four rows away if they wanted to go get his license plate picture.

They thanked me repeatedly for taking notice and for alerting them and I said, “Just be careful on the road,  there are creepers out there.”

Welcome to Tennessee, ladies. Where we stalk the stalkers before they can stalk you. We VOLUNTEER to have your back, Michigan girls.

Ha, ha, ha!

I’m what happens when women watch too much Law and Order and read true crime.


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