A Shrink Once Said…

I love it when Sarah Silverman talks about her shrink, so I’ve been thinking about one I saw today. She once told me, “If you’re ever going to get better, you’ve got to stop making excuses for the people that hurt you, give yourself permission to get angry, and stop allowing the silence surrounding what others do to you to tell you that the problem is you and not them. Demand acknowledgment and accountability for the manners in which they harm you that are not okay, or give yourself permission — no matter who they are — to move on.”

I don’t know what made me think about that today — a letter, a conversation — but it’s great advice for everyone. I’m through being quiet about people who mistreat me, I’m tired of being treated like I’m nothing; unworthy; an embarrassment and people ignoring it or changing the subject.

I am worthy. I do matter. You don’t get to mistreat me and me continue acting like it doesn’t happen — that’s gaslighting, that’s abuse.

We can demand to be treated the same as everyone else. We can demand to matter. And if no one in your life sticks up for you, you can stick up for yourself.

See, this ^^ is the type of book I’m going to write that’s a best seller.

Whether it’s a man, a boss, a relative, a friend — YOU matter as much as everybody else, gals.  And so do I.  Tell yourself that today!  Even if you have to be the only person willing to say it to you.


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