BenedictDonald the Mango Mussolini.


Let’s see:  Trump asked Russia to spy on Hillary and the United States government;  asked “Second Amendment” people to consider taking Hillary Clinton — once she becomes the next President of the United States — out;  blamed two separate people in two consecutive weeks for “creating” and “founding” ISIS.

Which still suggest that he not only doesn’t understand ISIS, he doesn’t even know what it is.

Reminiscent of the earlier days of his campaign when he spoke of ISIS in terms which seemed to suggest that he believed ISIS was the name of a foreign-born hooker rolling around the Trump Tower that he hasn’t shagged yet.

“Ooooh, I’ll get ISIS.”

“Ooo, that ISIS will be in so much trouble when I get it.”


He’s mocked a man with disabilities, suggested we would dump allies of a lifetime — where an attack on one is an attack on all, a clause they stood behind after 9/11 — simply for the sake of aiding a demented dictator, Vladimir Putin, who he has a curiously sick fascination with. And promised that if he, Donald Trump, were Commander in Chief of the finest fighting force in the history of mankind, that they, the most skilled and capable troops in the world, would commit war crimes by torturing innocent women and children.

Why the hell are we even still giving this buffoon airtime?

The choice is clear — painstakingly.

A woman with a forty year record of service, change, and accomplishment? Or a man with bankruptcies, a trail of lawsuits, three wives, TWO Corinthians, and a 15-month tour of destruction on anything resembling dignity and decency in American politics?

Move on from the Mango Mussolini, media. He’s a sick, disgusting prank that his beloved “poorly educated” took seriously.

Sad day for America.


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