Do NOT Bring this Facebook Mess To Me Anymore — I AM OVER IT!

Listen, please do not bring shit to me anymore. I’ve had enough.
I’m about to snap. I feel like everybody walks around talking about everybody behind their back, but nobody ever has the balls to say the truth — and I’m not just talking online — and then when I do, I always get told to be nice. I’ve had enough of the cowards. I’ve had enough of people that don’t have the balls to say what they think. I’m sick of people telling me what to say, I’m sick of people telling me to get mad about something and then when I get mad about it and say what I think, I get made to be the bad guy. Always.  I’m sick of pansies, I’m sick of push overs, sick of two-faced people who trash people behind their back and “that’s okay!” to somebody’s face. And I’m really sick of ass kissers. I’m sick of everything and everybody related to Facebook. My stint with the skank cyberstalkers did me in and I’m all out of manners.

Do not even, no matter who you are, attempt to require me to have some. I’m not there yet.

I’m sick of always doing the dirty work and then getting made the bad guy because I’m the one who has the guts to fight for what I think without filters.

I’m sick of the internet and I’m sick of enablers. And if you are the guardian of a 17 year old at home starting internet trash with adults and grownups — like right now, you really need parental counseling.


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