Sorry, not sorry.

Facebook “Friends”:

I’ve had no sleep, three cups of coffee and I’m still so angry I feel like throwing my phone in the creek.  So, here’s what I’ll say before I truly consider it.

I will NOT apologize for being sick and tired of people running my brother down on Facebook.  I’ve put up with this every time and the Concerned Citizens page got really ugly the last time. When I found out so-called friends were allowing a 17-year-old kid to run a gossip group — I reached my damn limit. They call Bill Clinton the “Explainer in Chief.” Just call me the “Secretary of Squashing Stuff.” Everybody always thought I was the nice one — they had that wrong. My brother can be talked down with a chicken leg and a football ticket. I can’t.

Don’t  push me.

I’m done with cyberbullying, cyberstalking, reporting me to Zuckerberg, Facebook abuse, and full-grown chickens.


Listen, Facebook:

If I’ve had to blast your inability to act like an adult with regards to the way you conduct yourself on social media to the entire world, do not inbox me to make nice — it’s too late for that.


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