On Guns, And Why We Need a Clinton Kind of Economy.


See, did you see my last Facebook post? All these Conservative gun crazies over the years have accused me of being “anti Second Amendment” or “anti gun.” That’s just absolute horse crap.

I’m pro gun in LOTS of situations. I’m pro my cousin Tracy having a gun to kill the bad things — S -words — on my grandparents’ farm so I can run the hill in peace. I’m pro Miranda Lambert taking a shot gun to Blake Shelton’s whoring ass. I’m pro-CIA taking Trump the talking twit’s tangerine butt out.

Okay, I take that back. That wasn’t kind. Sorry, Mr. Trump. Apologies to his kids for the death jest.

* whispers to self:  “How do you think Hillary Clinton felt, a-hole?” *

I’m PRO gun in lots of situations. What I’m not, have never been, is pro- psychos out-arming the brave men and women who respond to life-or-death situations before they can even get there.  I’m not pro- you dying by gun violence as victim to someone who should have never had one in the first place.

I’ll tell you what else I’m pro:  Economy.

I eat Happy Meals — yes,  me, for myself — don’t judge. I also pick them up for me and my 90-year-old grandmother. Again, don’t judge.

We give the toys to the twins.

I just pulled through to pick up two of the Mighty Kids Meals. Total? 


Go ahead, guess!

$9.86. For two Happy Meals.

In an economy where minimum wage hangs somewhere over $7 an hour.

Now, this is the part where I always get some variation of regurgitation of something Rush Limbaugh told you that you didn’t even stop to think about before you repeat in an attempt to talk “politics” about how minimum wage is “not meant to be lived off of.”  In essence what you’re saying when you say that, is that retail stores — anywhere that pays their employees an hourly minimum wage — should only be open during hours that are conducive to school schedule. Otherwise, who is sacking your bread during the daytime? Independent millionaires who just enjoy the thankless, looked down upon in certain political circles work?

Do anti-minimum wage increase advocates ever even pause to THINK about what you’re saying before you repeat it?

If minimum wage jobs ‘weren’t meant to be lived off of’ then that would mean they couldn’t expect those places to be open during work hours. Otherwise their employees would be at WORK.

Also, America’s not going broke. Not even close to it. Corporate profits are through the roof and the stock market is at an all time high. The problem is that none of that wealth has “trickled down.”

Why? Because we’ve near completed a successful assassination attempt on unions and, particularly in the south and in rural areas, done a bang-up job convincing the little man that his pocket book problems has nothing to do with his non-rising income. And that he can be better paid by giving the boss man more money.

Which is like telling the starving that they’ll be better fed by gathering around the floor of a banquet hall where they can exist  off the dropped table scraps while we give the obese actually sitting around them a fatter meal.

They’ve been able to do so by wrapping economic issues in moral ones. To distract you from the fact that your legislators are doing nothing for you and only working for those wealthy campaign donors that benefit from their introduced legislation, they use issues like abortion, Jesus, guns. Donald Trump simply came along and for his own  personal gain, pointed out what those of us on the left have been saying to the middle class and lower income voters on the right for a while.  The difference is while the left is full of people who have spent their entire lives fighting for the betterment of others telling you, showing you, this, the right has Donald Trump.

If you truly believe that a billionaire who’s never done a generous, selfless, or philanthropic thing in his temperamental and privileged life actually cares about you — you prove exactly why you’ve been swindled in the first place.

If you weren’t old to remember the income and growth that we experienced as a nation in the nineties, do your research. Ask someone who was. Then ask them about the economic collapse of the 2000s. You may have the luxury of waiting out a Trump presidency, but some people can’t. President Barack Obama has us well on our way and we cannot afford to turn back now.

Don’t be blinded by those who attempt to use religion to distract you from the fact of your being taken advantage of.

“What would Jesus Do”? 

Well, based off his stance on the poor, the role of rich men, charity, kindness, love, and doing unto others (just to mention a few),  I think it’s  pretty safe to say — based on party platforms — that he’d vote blue in November.

Jesus for Hillary, bro!

Yes, GOP, I said it. And no, I ain’t sorry about it.

Candice Mathis


Candi is a lifelong reader, writer, Democrat, kid keeper. She lives in Middle Tennessee and rants coast to coast.


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