Rudy Giuliani Just Jumped Full Speed Off The Bat-Crap Crazy Train.


A few months ago, I told my grandmother who’s almost 91 that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was just one crazy sentence away from being sent to live at Olive Branch — which is where the old folks go in our town to live peacefully aided (read: guarded non-stop) before they go to the big banquet hall in the sky.

Now,  the serving mayor of the city who saw the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, doesn’t seem to remember it — on purpose.

* loooong sad sigh *

I get that selective amnesia and lying on any and everything in attempt to attack the President of the United States has been a thing since 2008 (or in other words, since a black man entered the Oval Office),  but this is the point where Rudy Giuliani’s children — or maybe his grandchildren — need to pull him aside and say,  “It’s time to pack it in, Pops.  Let’s go. Now. ”

Because he appears not only bat crap crazy — which he’s been rocking for a while — but painstakingly senile. Unless, and this is my guess,  the forgetting 9/11 is as intentional as it seems.

At which time, he’s doing more damage to the already fractured  remnants of a GOP that long since publicly fell apart, and any political advisors that might still have clout or credibility in the  current global laughing stock of a giggling (and shocked) world, the Republican Party, need to whisper in his Beltone-aided ears, “STFU, Rudy!”

And maybe while one of his grandchildren are helping him pack for the political retirement home, they can explain to him what “STFU” up means.

I mean, how dead do you want to be, GOP?

Because you are long past gone.

The only thing Giuliani needs to practice saying at this point is,  “Congratulations, Madam President.”

His lunacy can be witnessed below:

Candice Mathis


Candi is a lifelong reader, writer, Democrat, and kid keeper. She lives in Middle Tennessee and rants electronically coast to coast.


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