Trump: Politically Clueless, Glow in the Dark Goober

I’ll be glad when Hillary Clinton kicks that neon bag of bullsh*t into oblivion.  Because I’m sick of  looking at his fast food-tinged face. The tangerine twat, Mango Mussolini, the orange-hue high dollar hooker Hitler — whatever you call him — BenedictDonald Trump has made a campaign by saying that it’s okay that he’s oblivious to anything regarding national security, foreign policy, or even the Constitution, because he’ll “hire the best people.”

He has continuously shown, from something as simple and easily accessible as his Twitter account, that he not only CAN’T hire the “best people,” he can’t even seem to hire anybody that can successfully stop him from stupidity on a social media account.

Can’t hire anybody who can brief him for debates. Can’t hire anybody who can convince him how to button a suit jacket. Can’t even hire a  geography expert to teach him how to pronounce, “Tanzania.”

Contrast that to Clinton.

During these Rio Olympics, during women’s gymnastics, Hillary Clinton has purchased airtime in exactly the most anticipated moment of the night — and every ad has been one targeting Donald Trump’s indefensible and sexist attacks on women.

Beautifully done.

Mr. Trump, who’s not only spending his time in states that he will not —  ever — win, instead of focusing on the swing states that he might,  has finally, at least,  gotten himself a campaign ad on television thanks to the only people that seem to be willing to publicly support him:  the NRA. But, the only “pro-Trump” ad I’ve seen airing was in the middle of the night on MSNBC.

Now if you’re watching MSNBC — particularly in the middle of the night — pretty sure it’s a safe bet you’re not only not voting for Trump, you likely HATE the NRA.

Mr. “I’ll hire the best people” can’t even hire people to manage a campaign. The same way he couldn’t hire the “best people” in his business and depended on Daddy’s money, bankruptcy law,  and the court-appointed panel that made all choices and was court-ordered to oversee his corporate financial affairs after the fiasco of Atlantic City to save him from himself.

Can you imagine a man who can’t even successfully advertise during a campaign running the White House? He’s nothing but a Kardashian — minus the plastic surgery and stellar makeup.

Which, he could actually use.


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