Bill Clinton, You Old Son Of a Gun — I Love You With My Life, Sir.


Happy birthday to my political icon, President Bill Clinton. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that that man is a master at his craft.

A swift politician, a skilled debater — the likes of which I don’t know this country has ever seen — and storyteller like no other. The man made our country better after the eight years that he served in office. A  humanitarian and a giver  in his own right, who has brought medical aid, hope, and relief to an entire continent — while still being widely criticized from people on the right who don’t have a generous bone in their body for the ways, the manner, or the sources from which he sought that philanthropic aid. While the right bashes the Christ-like givings of Bill Clinton and people like Bill Gates, they persevere unfazed in their quest to help the world.

It is the privilege of my lifetime to witness the actions and the generosity of our presidents,  namely my own Democratic brothers.

Jimmy Carter — who remains the greatest humanitarian of my entire life, and likely one of the biggest that the world will ever see. He was too principled and stubborn to really find success in the compromise that is the Oval Office, but that doesn’t take away from the gifts that Jimmy Carter gave the world. He also sought and secured the release of our hostages from Iran, but they hated President Carter so much they only agreed to release them the day he left office. And for that, President Reagan is often, mistakenly, given credit. (Like a president can really do anything, let alone secure release of hostages via negotiations during his inauguration.) They, the hostages,  as agreed upon, were are released the second Reagan was sworn in. And Jimmy Carter never got the credit, but like everything Jimmy Carter does, he doesn’t care who gets the credit — he just cares that it gets done.

The man is one of the most Christ-motivated and Christ-mimicking living examples that this nation will ever know.

And President Obama — who is grit,  determination, dignity, strength. Who has persevered and succeeded in spite of every opposition and obstruction thrown his way. The world will look back on the Barack Obama administration with appreciation and gratitude. A global beacon of light in a time when America’s  lighthouse was seen as having burned out. He not only rekindled the flame, he set the foundations to ensure that it would stay lit for generations to come. Because he knows that when the rest of the world starts looking for a guiding light, they swim to our shores.

But today,  we celebrate the man from Hope. Who came before the man who gave us hope — to quote Hillary Clinton.  Mr. President Bill Clinton.  A man who taught me that being charismatic and quick-witted was worth all the good breeding in the world — a lesson he taught Poppy Bush on the debate stage that we’ve never forgotten. (Respect for President HW Bush though,  he is a tremendous man and an American treasure.) 


So Happy Birthday to my hero, William Jefferson Clinton, and to me.

Two smart-asses + one day = you’re welcome, America.

I’ve always maintained that if God didn’t want me to be a woman who fights for her cause, one who is more politically prepared than you and doesn’t mind letting you know it, he wouldn’t have cranked me out on the same day as Bill Clinton and Tipper Gore. So Happy Birthday to the former Second Lady, as well.

Next time you catch somebody (ok, a  Republican) bending facts for the sake of their own politically falsified argument,  lean in real close and say three times:   “Tell the truth, now;  tell the truth; tell  the truth!”

Do it in honor of the Comeback Kid.  It works every time!


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