It’s POTUS Day Everyday! Thanks, Obama!


I felt a little onesided in that last Presidential post, so — to use the POTUS’s phrase –let me be clear (just to avoid any confusion).

While Bill Clinton is my hero, Barack Obama is my heart.

While a hero is someone that you look up to and someone that you inspire to become, your heart, it should go without saying, is a part of you.

What Barack Obama has given this country and what he has meant to me is something from which I could never be separated. It’s as much a part of me as the air that enters my lungs, or the Big Orange blood that courses through my veins. It will be with me today, just like it was with me yesterday, and it will be with me at the end of my time. Barack Obama is someone who has set my soul on fire and washed my life anew with what he’s given this nation.

One of the lines that President Obama has been the most lambasted for during his time in office was for saying that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. But if I had a son, I would hope that he not only looked like the President, but acted and behaved in the manner in which President Obama does.

A mother could only be so lucky.

Speaking of  mothers —  The President  means so much to me that I would slap my Mama over Obama. Seriously, I would disown my own mother if she spoke ill of him. But why would she do that?  She’s not ridiculous. Or ignorant. Or racist white trash.

So we’re good.

Even when giving props to my political hero and the first man that ever owned my heart, President Bill Clinton, I want to be abundantly clear that President Obama’s role is one that can never be competed with or replaced. It  is the greatest joy of my Poli Sci- loving life to have witnessed his election, his inauguration, and his presidency. We are a better world for what he has given us.

And I thank him everyday.


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