Sad Little Fellows, Those Tennessee Twitter Trolls.

Aww, I pissed off one of the top Tennessee twitter troll with this post  below and his band of obese keyboard commandos starting coming at me — over 300 views to this blog post in a matter of minutes. Kinda made me giggle a bit. He took the bait as easily as these local Trump supporters. Bless their little supposedly orange hearts.

But look out, ladies,  you outwit a man who only speaks 140 characters or less, he’ll unleash his widdle Twitter trolls on you. Ooooo!

* shaking *

Unless, of course, blog traffic is exactly what you’re after. (Always!) At which, their ability to follow instructions is impressive.

Still, not having a life to that degree is exhausting! Ding, ding, ding! How do they stomach it?  After about the 200th time my Twitter went off, I just told them that as flattering as I found their replacing their inability to pick up real women with cyberstalking one and passing out her information, that I had an off button and, unlike their collective dicks — it works.

Something tells me that’s not gonna be the end of it. Oh, an internet troll in his Mommy’s basement with a bruised ego is a fragile thing.

Have these boys ever heard of cardio — or even a book — or is this, pathetically, what they do for fun?

So sad. When I was in Knoxville, we were national champions and I was too drunk to give a damn about stalking somebody I didn’t know.

The good ole days…

* cue longing *

Is this what happened to “Vol fans” during Dooley days? Sad.

Seriously, it’s not going to help you pick up a piece of ass to keep tweeting me, bros.


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