Why Can’t Trump’s Money Buy Him Someone That Can Help Him Shut His Fudging Fluorescent Face?

My 90-year-old white, southern Memaw sees a black doctor.  Apparently Dr. White (which she finds funny, by the way, that his name is Dr. White) didn’t get Donald Trump’s memo to African Americans that their schools are crap and they have no jobs.

* gags *

#1) You glow-in-the-dark wing bat, there is no “they.”  It’s not ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Black people and white people are still ALL people, you rambling neon twat.  So cut the “they” bullshit, George Wallace Jr. 

Your inner-racist f-ckwit is clearly showing when you “they” black folks.

#2  What the f-ck are you smoking? Something that makes your brain travel back in time to 1925? Multiple ethnicities suffer inside failing inner cities — if that’s what you’re hinting at —  and African Americans are not only our sports heroes;  our Olympians; our doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers, but an African American is currently the most powerful man on the planet, the president of the United States, you donkey face dick bag.

What the hell is wrong with the brain of this man? Is he high all the damn time or just intellectually dented?

Scratch that.

I just answered my own question.

Anybody who thinks the Department of the Environmental is a for real thing, let alone a government agency they’re going to “shut down,” is developmentally delayed.

Get this tangerine gasbag off my television screen before I gag. Again.

Or, to put it in Trump’s terms, as “the blacks” would say, Trump: DaFuq?

Now how long until some obese racist white boy retweets this? Hmmm?


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