Clay Travis Has Become Donald Trump — Only More Intelligent, Less Wealthy

The ironic part about Clay Travis’ “black privilege”  verbal blowjob to white people is that everybody enjoying it thinks they have said ‘black friend’ and thereby aren’t racist.  It’s further interesting to learn that the only thing a white man can lose his job for is making racist comments. So get out and slap those ho, yo. It’s also interesting that the international code of conduct on a global stage should be reflective of the tolerance  your wife has for your single, drunken bro friends. It’s nice to know that as a woman who’s closer to forty than I am thirty and single without children, I can get away with behaving a lot more ridiculously than my friends that are married with children. Or does that only count if you have a penis?

Travis indulges in his own reverse “Free Carl Lee Haley!” moment just as he does any time the integrity or actions of a white athlete are questioned — by, like every good racist, using the go-to response of  “But look at black people!”  Alas he brings up the stupidity that is Draymond Green.  It’s  juvenile, it’s irrelevant, and it’s telling.  Given that it’s required curriculum in “How Not To Be a Racist 101” that’s generally completed by every educated white person who’s not a prick.  To compare the actions of athletes in the United Stated prior to the Olympic Games to those committed by athletes representing the United States on a global stage in a host country is representative of someone who just doesn’t get it.

And who probably never will.

Ryan Lochte did not get in trouble for pissing on a building. That said, is the blowback against and around Lochte a bit of an overkill?
 Yeah, it is.  But I, like many, initially defended Ryan Lochte because I couldn’t believe four Olympic athletes would make up  something so bizarre and extreme. Like being forced to the ground at gunpoint, having a cocked gun put your forehead, and being threatened with death while you say “whatever.”  I’m also not inclined to defend the actions of Brazil, or any country, that extorts money out of you to get your passport and travel rights back.

Like any good lawyer, Clay Travis leaves out the “undisputed facts” of the case that aren’t flattering to his side. During that “robbery,” he neglects to mention that there was a translator who told the swimmers what was going on — meaning being said — the entire time as they were being required to pay money to the gas station owners for vandalism. Whether that vandalism was real or imagined,  that — that they were being held accountable for what the gas station owner perceived as damages — was never in dispute. That was where Matt Lauer’s use of ‘negotiation’ was coming from. Also, they were asked if they would like to call the police, at which time the swimmers were adamant — pleading, even — that they did not want the police involved.

Hard to maintain that Lochte still thought this was a robbery.

And, be real white people, the bit about being pulled over in a car with police badges, being forced to the ground at gunpoint, with a loaded gun on your forehead while you nonchalantly exclaim,  “Whatever!” is a flat-out fabrication. It wasn’t an exaggeration. It wasn’t an overstatement.  It was a flat-out, dramatic intentional lie designed to make Lochte look like the hero caught up in the middle of a bad international sitcom.

It wasn’t about a 32-year-old athlete getting drunk. It wasn’t about pissing on the building. It wasn’t even about the poster that Lochte tore down, although I appreciate that, in an effort to enthusiastically defend his bro, Travis is sure to refer to it as “tattered.”  As if to say, that that perceived shithole — Brazil — could never  have anything nice enough for a white, male American to tear up.  I mean — we’re American!  You’re white, by God! You’re elite!

No wonder they have a hard time stomaching us. * eye  roll *

This is about a struggling nation that did their best to put on the Olympic Games — and they succeeded.  In spite of all the criticism and controversy. On a limited budget, and swimming in doubt, Brazil overcame unprecedented obstacles, rose to the occasion, and did a beautiful job. All the while being smirked at and look down upon by wealthier nations and their well-to-do citizens.

This is about the fact that crime is an everyday occurrence in Brazil, and that the world knows that. And if they didn’t, they had it brought to their attention in a big way when athletes were actually robbed at the Olympic Games. Brazil, painfully, knows this. Brazil knows the world knows this.

And now, we have an American exploiting that to save face and seek attention.  When the international perception of Americans is that we are spoiled,  self-indulgent, narcissist, entitled, ethnocentric, and rude. And to have the poster child for the kind of life that most Brazilians can’t fathom — hell,  most Americans can’t fathom —  then come along and tell the worst kind of lie you can tell on an already tortured, embarrassed, and sensitive country, one that’s trying to do their best to host Olympic Games, would be the equivalent of saying that O.J. tried to stab you, as far as narcissistic, ill-intended falsifications go.

The most extravagant, mean spirited, taunting kind of lie.

Not something that you joke or lie about. That was the kind of lie Lochte told. With remorse only for the fact that he’d lose sponsorships.

And now, the press back on Hope Solo coming from the same crowd. If the Soccer Federation had not suspended Hope Solo, we would have heard from the Ray Rice defenders just like the last time — those white bros still bitter because they couldn’t slap a woman and get away with it — when they perceived Hope Solo’s sentences was too lenient compared to her punished male counterparts.

About that #Love4GabbyUSA

I also found it difficult to believe that nobody Tweeted Clay Travis about Gabby Douglas.

Let me rephrase:  I don’t find it difficult to believe the nobody Tweeted Clay Travis about Gabby Douglas, I found it difficult to believe that he actually knows that. The tweets about Gabby Douglas were so prevalent that several media outlets wrote about it — a fact Travis even mentioned. How the hell do you think that they knew about them, or that Gabby knew about them to pressback in the first place?  Because the tweets, and the hate, were all over the internet. But yet,  Travis reminds us that he has two hundred thousand followers — as I was reminded in a comment on my blog about how only “10 people” read mine — and yet he knows that he never received one tweet about Gabby Douglas.

That may very well be true. But I had a run-in with about five persistent Twitter trolls recently, and I didn’t have time to read everything they sent me. I find it hard to believe that someone who is constantly telling us how many followers he has, how popular he is, and how much more important he is than his lowly readers  — people like me, (Thanks, Clay!) — and who is on Periscope constantly, doing everything he can to bring more media attention, money and relevance to himself, has the time to read everything that 200,000 followers send him every day, all week. If so, his wife must be extremely exhausted taking care of all 3 kids by herself. And Travis should bottle and sell that Lin-Manuel Miranda-type boundless, endless energy and enthusiasm. That’s some serious superhero shit.

“Black Privilege” Is Bullshit, Bro

Clay Travis mocks White Privilege while not only displaying the epitome of it, but swimming in it.
The whitemansplain is not only condescension, it’s a belief that any experience that is not your own is not reality. You don’t believe that people of color still face barriers, therefore they must not. You, a well-educated successful white man, don’t believe that the benefit of the doubt is extended to people simply on skin color, therefore it must not exist. You don’t believe that a writer could be thrilled that their child is allowed to celebrate a black athlete when there was a time in this country — not that long ago — that that wasn’t the case, therefore you publicly ridicule anybody who realizes how far we’ve come and celebrates it.  But, just for fuck’s sake, Clay — ask Kenny Chesney about his Condredge Holloway shirt. And the perception and reaction to a white kid in the seventies in East Tennessee wearing it to school. And how many people would not have allowed that #7 jersey to hang off their child’s back like Kenny’s mama did.

Maybe you didn’t experience racism in your life by white people, but I have. I still do.

Your experience is not the only one. And your perception, the way in which you view the world, is not the same as everyone else’s.  And — this might come as a shock to the white dude Bros — other people’s opinions matter.  And your willingness to demonstrate how they don’t, Clay Travis, simply because they’re not real to you, is the very definition of white privilege. That white males believe that any woman that you don’t agree with is a bitch who deserves to be publicly shamed and called so (Lena Dunham) or any person that is standing up for something you don’t believe in (the protesters at Missouri) are “fake protestor” idiots who deserve your ire — when the truth is maybe they just believe in a cause that you don’t. And, most importantly, anybody that gets embarrassed by someone chosen to represent the United States — whether it’s Hope Solo or Ryan Lochte — who acts like an international asshole is somehow a liberal or a PC Bro-maniac is somewhat insulting to those who simply believe that when you’re given the opportunity to represent your country in something like the Olympic Games, you probably shouldn’t act like an insufferable privileged drunken dick or a spoiled 8th grade brat. And in an attempt to turn something political that wasn’t for the sake of clickbait and financial gain for yourself,  you make the assumption that all conservatives or sports fans are racist assholes. Some conservatives know what white privilege is and actually believe that yes, it does exist —  but if not, you just gave them a great demonstration, Mr. Travis.

Appreciate that.

It’s also White Privilege that allows you to do what you do and to earn a decent living at it. Because I find it difficult to accept that a highly intelligent and educated man who admits he voted for Barack Obama twice, doesn’t understand what he’s doing when he suddenly,  very vocally advocates for “Conservative” high profile causes — such as defending Confederate memorabilia, loudly taking a conservative stance while talking down the “liberal media” (that doesn’t actually exist), and always shaming and attacking the immature actions of black athletes while loudly defending the ones of their white counterparts,  like Ryan Lochte or Hope Solo.  Of course Clay Travis knows what he’s doing. He’s simply riding that white privilege all the way to the bank by taking advantage of the hunger of resentful white sport fans for a spokesperson who gets how much it angers them that they can’t publicly say “n****r” anymore. As they watch their football coaches in states like Mississippi pushback on removing Confederate remnants from their state flag, you’ve paid attention and are cashing in. Well done, sir. 

My only concern as this bogus “black privilege”  article makes its way around the internet and racist rednecks are giving each other a virtual high-five, is how one continues to disrespect African-Americans and then work in the field dominated by such?

But see, white privilege doesn’t worry about this.

Because, after all, you’re white. And always right.

* sigh *

Happy eventual ass-kicking by a black man, sir. Be safe.

Candice Mathis


Candi is a lifelong reader, writer, Democrat, and kid keeper. She lives in Middle Tennessee and rants electronically coast to coast.


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