Dear Conservatives and Die-Hard Sanders Supporters

Contrary to my writing, I don’t believe all Trump voters are bad people. I don’t believe that all Republicans are trite, hypocritical assholes. I just think that they’re misguided. Now, more than ever, we need unity. While the Bernie movement has done service to the Democratic party to energize the young voter base, it’s also
similar to the Tea Party Movement in that it borders on the fridge.

It’s okay to say that, Sanders supporters.  It’s in no way comparing the beloved and much respected Vermont Senator to Sarah Palin. It’s just simply saying that when you look at the mainstream American politics, you are the extreme.

That’s not to say that we can’t provide Medicare for all, paid maternity leave, free college tuition, or that we shouldn’t — just that we’re not going to. Not anytime soon. And while we are the only developed nation that doesn’t give our citizens access to such, the way our political system is set up, the way the founders set down for us, and the only way to make change in this nation, is to move from the middle out. We don’t move from the outside in.  It’s to find common ground. It’s the checks and balances.

As President Obama said, as much as it gives us a giggle to watch the Republican Party explode with a candidate like Donald Trump, that’s not good for America and  it’s not good for Democrats.  Because we are Americans before we are anything.  I want a Republican party that works. I want a GOP that functions.  Even if I fundamentally disagree with them on so many things, the way that we move forward as a nation is when we come together as a whole.  If Democrats are moving more to the left, and Republicans  more to the right,  the more they hate each other, and the more gridlock we have in Washington. No matter how left-leaning I am,  and no matter how right I believe the far-left Liberals are — and I do — the fact is not everybody in this country thinks like me. And if we want our kind of politics, if we want our kind of change, if we want that Revolution, it starts from the bottom up, not from the top down.  You don’t change politics with a president.  You change them at your local levels. You change them with the Senate.  You change it with the House of Representatives. If we show up at election time and show up at midterms, change is possible.  But bucking on the entire system because you didn’t get your way leaves us nowhere. It makes us no better than Ted Cruz’s Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor, simply because he didn’t get his way. It’s holding the American people hostage. And that is not change.

That’s a temper tantrum that benefits nobody but your own ego, and it makes worse the plight of those who depend on the change that Democrats have already fought for and secured.

No matter how angry we get — and anybody that’s read my writing knows I get angry — demonizing the other guy has never changed anything. But changing hearts, changing minds, and changing laws has.

And to change laws you need to hold office.

If the “Bernie Or Bust!” movement members really want to make change, it starts by voting at every election. Putting people in local office, state office.  Showing up for Senate and House of Representative races.  Because if we take back the Senate and we get a better grip on the House, we might actually make strides towards Medicare-for-all or paid leave. As much as I love mocking the GOP and conservatives, it doesn’t move us any closer to what we want as a nation.

I suppose the reason the Right  angers me so much is that the GOP of late has self-righteously wrapped everything in Jesus and that disheartens me for many reasons. Mainly because there are people that have been through things that you cannot fathom.  And like anybody who’s ever come out on the other side of worldly tribulations, you know that unless you fill that hole in your soul with a Higher Power, unless you cling to some sort of belief — it’s just been my experience, now — that as humans, we are not made to go through things alone, and we falter. We all need, and seek, help.  Whether that Higher Power is a support group or Celestial being, if we don’t seek something outside of ourselves, we reach for drugs;  for alcohol;  for money;  for sex;  for so many other things to try to fill that emptiness within.  While everybody has their struggles and their setbacks in life, it’s so hard to watch safe, secure, small town (typically white, straight) people whose struggles, while real, may pale in comparison to what someone else has been through, knock those who may have done it a little differently — and to use a political pulpit and the “love” of “God” to do so.  Those same afflicted who may have relied solely on Divine intervention, Supernatural strength,  or a Higher Power to get them through.

Who are you, Conservatives, to tell them that their understanding of God is wrong or that your interpretation of Jesus’ word is the only way to believe?

Like so many others, I myself have had nights where I was down to relying on nobody and nothing — but God.  To then have a political party stand up and say,  “If you don’t believe exactly what I believe, and if you’re not filled with hate and anger at the poor, racism towards black people,  and ill will and resentment toward anybody who resides outside the United States of America, then you’re not doing God’s work,”  is nauseating, infuriating, and disappointing.

In 2002 there was an earthquake inside of Italy that killed 27 first graders. It killed the entire first grade class of the town. I don’t know what’s harder to make sense of — a natural disaster that came from God’s hands or one that came from one warped, evil-filled individual. Either way, I can’t wrap my mind around anything that takes the life of first graders. Whether it’s gun violence in Newtown or a mass quake in small town Europe. The point is that we’re not the only nation that suffers. Human tragedy and human suffering is the only thing that binds us all. It crosses any gender,  any nationality,  any language, any race,  any socioeconomic status. It’s okay to want to spend American dollars to take care of Americans before we go blowing shit up across the globe, but the idea that we are an island, that we are on our own,  that “America’s first!”  that Donald Trump is selling, is disturbing on many levels. Because it is not, in any way, well intended. 

And because we weren’t alone when Article 5 of the NATO treaty was invoked for the first time as our allies stood behind us when we were attacked on 9/11. Haiti wasn’t alone in the hurricane. When the tsunami came crashing into the Philippines, they weren’t alone. The world cared.  Syrian refugee children are not now, and should not ever be, alone.  And it’s hard to wrap my head around that being your politics when you are at the same time quoting the words of the most loving and giving man that ever lived. Jesus Christ. And claiming to be His only disciples.

As a left-leaning Democrat, I can do my part to respect your opinions more. To value your views. Because the truth is, I used to be more middle of the road.  Until they picked up the road and moved it so far to Batshit-Crazyville that your nominee for the highest office in the land is a man with four bankruptcies, three wives,  and two Corinthians. One who, without shame, insults war heroes while applying to be their commander-in-chief.  But that’s what hate-filled rhetoric gets you no matter which side it’s coming from:  Division.  

I can try to be more tentative and more in tune and more respectful of how you feel and how you believe,  but I’m going to need you to quit believing that you have the only grasp on Jesus. Particularly when your collective actions and your proposed legislation and those representing your party are contrary to everything that He ever said.

We all have to live in this nation together.  And we all have opinions and ideas and things that we hold dear. And that’s a good thing.
The diverse pattern that protects America has been woven over time by your ancestors and mine. It’s okay to be angry “Bernie or Bust!” brothers and Trump supporters. And it’s okay to disagree. What’s not OK is to self destruct. And if you believe that Donald Trump is the answer, or if you believe that Jesus would actually keep people out of America — orphaned children, now — based on the color of their skin or their nation of origin, then I’m probably going to continue making fun of you on my blog post because I don’t know what else to do with that.

But for everyone else, I will try. 

Your American Sister Who Is Unapologetically and Proudly Voting For Hillary Clinton,



Candi is a lifelong reader, writer, Democrat, and kid keeper. She lives in Middle Tennessee and rants electronically coast to coast.


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