About That Bigot, Crooked Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump, a man who was named, along with his father, in a lawsuit by the Justice Department for discriminatory housing practices continues to stick by his claim that Hillary Clinton, a woman who at the same time was putting herself in harm’s way by traveling to rural Alabama and posing as a married housewife seeking to get around the desegregation of public schools to expose undercover, Alabama state-sanctioned racism, is a bigot. 

You’re still going with this? 

Even after the New York Times savagely outed you?

The man that will “hire the best people” can’t even hire a competent PR rep or two to handle a Twitter account. Where he, once again, makes an ass of himself, much like he did following Orlando, when he seems to celebrate the assassination of a NBA star’s cousin with a “ha, ha, told you so, this is why black people will vote for me” kind of tweet.

Although it truly does make sense why Donald Trump continues to allege that the State Department was involved in some sort of pay-to-play simply because of the scale and the amount of donations at the Clinton Global Initiative — because Donald Trump wouldn’t recognize good work or charitable behavior if his presidential campaign’s life depended on it. Although, humorously enough, Donald Trump himself gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation — in what one can only assume was a tax write-off, although of that we will never know for sure because he won’t release his tax returns — but if there is a heart inside of that gold-faced Grinch, perhaps he gave for the same reason so many thousands of others gave (and then gave again), because they saw the amazing work being performed by the Clinton Global Initiative.

Over 18 million people across the globe take antiviral medication. 11.8 million of those receive their medications from the Clinton Foundation.

Yes, you read that right.

I’m supposed to care about which wealthy people the Clintons get donations from to help provide relief to struggling, sick, and suffering people and children throughout the globe?

No! — screams Trump supporters. You’re supposed to care that wealthy people gave donations to Hillary Clinton in exchange for the State Department favors.

Oh, you mean the ones you have absolutely zero proof even existed?

You have Donald Trump and his alt-right friends’ allegations — except, just like Benghazi,  you have no proof that wrongdoing ever existed.  What you do have is over 7,000 donors and 85 of them asked for a meeting, to which Hillary Clinton’s top aid Huma Abedin replied:  “I’ll ask.” 

Or: “We’ll see.”

You have no proof of any “pay-to-play” behavior, but what you 
do have tangible proof of is improved living and health conditions throughout the world thanks to the amazing, indescribable efforts of the Clinton Foundation.

And if we want to get into hard evidence, we do have absolute proof of the amount of veterans, retirees, students, and small business contractors that Donald Trump ripped off in his many number of lawsuits where he’s been sued for restitution for falsely taking tens of thousands of dollars at a time in individual down payments on properties he never intended to build, tuition for school that wasn’t, and services or goods that he never intended to pay for.

This is not complicated. We have all the evidence in the world to prove who the “bigot” is and which presidential candidate is truly “crooked.”

Don’t waste my time with this, Trump lovers.

This is a great piece:



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