This White Girl’s Just Getting Warmed Up!

As a good liberal Democrat, I adore Unions. But I’ve long since maintained that I have actually met one Union that I dislike. It’s police unions. They aren’t a Union as much as a cult that excuses brutality and murder. I’ve never once seen a single police union stand and say, “Well that was wrong, that guy should never have been a cop!” and that attitude is exactly why we’re in the situation that we’re even. Cops aren’t bad. Of course not. That’s always the sentiment thrown at you by some right-wing nut job — you hate cops, little girl!  Really? My step brother is a County Sheriff’s deputy and has worked as a member of SWAT. I hate my step-brother? I never knew that. I kind of always liked him more than the real one. That’s good to know, Conservatives. Thanks!

* eye roll *

It’s also ridiculous to tell any woman that she hates cops. Single women hates cops? Are you saying this with a straight face — I can’t see, it’s the internet.

Have you ever seen a good looking officer in a police uniform? Who in the hell hates that!? 

In fact, I remember one of the best-looking cops I’ve ever known, when I met him years ago, he was giving our liquored up, young behinds a ride, and he said: ” I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to frisk you, Miss Mathis.” 

I said, “Oh, I wish you would, big boy — you’re hot, sir!”

He got so embarrassed he, momentarily, couldn’t do his job. But after we all sobered up, we did end up exchanging phone numbers. We actually became friends. He’s still a hot cop to this day. Swear!

Never tell a woman she hates a man in uniform. Never.  What’s next?

She hates firefighters, too?

Give me a break, Sean Hannity Jr.

Why Are You So Intimidated By Black Men, White People?

I’m starting to see a pattern, here.

I have seen veterans very vocally defending Kaepernick’s right, even if they don’t like what he did, and saying, “That’s exactly why I served.  For his right to feel how he feels and to keep this country different than North Korea.” 

I’ve seen conservatives that are still vocally in denial about hating black people, angry and telling him to shut up and play football.  I, personally, don’t understand why this is so complicated. Don’t mistake my words:  I hate that Trump sign in your yard. But what I love is that I live in a country where you can display it. It’s the same thing with Colin Kaepernick. And of all the reactions I expected, I didn’t expect, and maybe I should have,  a police union in San Francisco to come out with “black on black” crime.

First of all, I shouldn’t have to tell police officers that it’s not “black on black”  or even white on white crime,  it’s just called crime. Using a murder between drug dealers or two gang members to justify why a law enforcement officer that has been entrusted to protect and serve the community guns down an unarmed black man SEVENTEEN FUCKING TIMES and then gets away with it, is exactly why Colin Kaepernick is standing out the anthem in the first place.

Jesus, San Francisco police, could you try to at least attempt to minimize the amount you mimic someone like David Duke in your public statements.  You don’t even bat a “black people kill black people” eye at reading from Bill O’Reilly’s hate-coated script.

Because, see, you want to pay attention to the really important part and that was “and gets away with it.”

When Ray-Ray kills Tyrone, Ray-Ray goes to the pen for 25 to life. It’s still murder when a white cop guns down an unarmed white victim unnecessarily. It’s still  unjustified murder. It’s still sickening. And it’s still an outrage.  The difference is  that we live in a nation where the justice system — society even — seems to excuse it when it’s a person of color being gunned down by one who is not. Because we still, instinctively, search for a reason the black man needed to get shot. It’s not always even a black man, it can be a black child. Tamir Rice was a child playing in the park with the same type of toy that my cousin shot his own mother with when we were little, and he was murderd in a matter of seconds by a cop who had already been kicked off of one police force, should never have had a badge,  and will never face accountability.  John Crawford was a man gunned down in Walmart — and white people still believe these two souls needed to die for no damn reason other than their skin color.  You have any and every celebrity, thanks to social media, that thinks they have an opinion, and that’s their right — the only time I care is when (like Craig Morgan and his pro-gun love fest in the wake of Orlando) it’s irresponsible. We want Kaepernick, DWade, Lebron, Natalie Maines, and any celebrity whose opinion doesn’t jive with white people to just shut up and (insert talent), but we cheerlead somebody like Tony Stewart, who ripped a page straight from Donald Trump’s playbook titled “How To Show The World It Is Possible To Be White Trash AND Have Money.”

Now… About The Clinton Foundation, Conservatives

And while I’m telling the conservative white people on the internet off, let me go ahead and shatter this one, as well. Because I’m sick of having to do this every day.  (And yes, I’m talking to you too, Bernie or Bust bro.) 

Do not come at me with where Bill and Hillary Clinton received the funds to do the life-changing work that they’ve done across the Earth, hollering that “the Clinton Foundation took donations from Qatar or Saudi Arabia” or countries that have a record of mistreatment against gay individuals and women, and then turned around and used those donations to better the lives of women and children, or further the status of the fight for gay rights across the globe.

Because my response will always be:  “So freaking what?”

Your argument comes down to this.

Let’s say I stumble upon a suffering village of women and children. Then a man who we all know likes to hit his wife comes to me and, whether it was guilt induced or a tax write-off, offered me $32 million to improve their lives.  Let me get this straight… I’m supposed to look at these children dying of diseases that a $0.39 vaccine can eradicate,  watch women struggle with things like simply providing clean, safe drinking water for their offspring, and then look at a man offering me $32 million to improve their living conditions and say, “It wouldn’t be right to take your money to improve the lives of women across the globe, because sometimes, late at night,  you like to beat your wife.”

Are you stoned!? Do you live in a state where it’s legal to smoke marijuana? How the actual fuck is that not perfect revenge?

You can’t seriously believe that, so-called Christians.

And if you do, if you actually subscribe to something that ridiculous, you illustrate exactly why Washington is in the shape that it’s in.  Because you vote for the type of “Christian” people like Ted Cruz who would set the capitol on fire and starve babies just for the right of being able to say, “God bless the great state of Texas, and at least I didn’t give in to the black guy! Yee haw!””

I don’t give a damn what country, what man, what billionaire that Hillary Clinton took donations from to do the life-saving work of providing antiviral medication to Pediatric AIDS patients throughout the planet — work that has received an A rating from Charity Watch — what I do care about something is called The Carter Center,  as well as the aforementioned Clinton Foundation.

Maybe you’ve heard of them, Republicans? It’s what our presidents do once they leave office.

I care about those powerhouses for Global change. And I care to see what Barack Obama will do when he leaves office. Or, as I read it best in the New York Times:  Jimmy Carter wrote the book on post-Presidency;  Bill Clinton turned it into encyclopedias.

I have a feeling that Barack Obama is about to make the internet up outta that shit.

Yes, GOP, your party runs around promoting capitalism;  stripping funding for victims, medical research, and the underprivileged; helping the rich get richer; our presidents create foundations that do billions of dollars worth of work across the globe. Should I get started on the achievements of Kennedy Center? Or the contributions their family has given the world — like Special Olympics or the Peace Corps?  Our presidents create foundations that change lives (Carter, Clinton). They’re winning Nobel Peace prizes (Carter and Obama). They’re not just quoting the words of a man, one whose actions they cannot seem to even comprehend, they’re actually living it. All one has to do, any given day of the week,  is take a look at the living presidents that represented the Democratic party and the good that they bring to this world every single day to see which party truly does the work of Jesus Christ.

And now, we have the same party angry because a football player wants to stand up,or refuse to stand up, in protest in a place where people like my granddaddy and his Daddy — who, like many of yours, served in World War 1 World War 2 — taught me that Kaepernick has the right to make an idiot of himself if he feels like it. But there are still people in this world that seem to believe that he doesn’t, simply because what he’s speaking out for is the mistreatment of minorities by those in power. And the same ones angry at Kaepernick, denying his right, and demanding he leave the country, are the same ones calling themselves “patriots.”

That, the ludicrous actions of some white people, is why he’s sitting in the first place.

Rednecks, try this tactic: Read more, talk (or Tweet) less.

Colin Kaepernick is America at its finest, like it or not:

About That “Black On Black” Crime:

Colin Kaepernick has a message, why are you so afraid to listen:

Candice Mathis


Candi is an enthusiastic Hell-raiser for Hillary; coffee drinker; Tennessee Vols fan. She schooled a Trump supporter and she liked it. Catch her @CandiMathis on Twitter.


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