About That “Black on Black” Crime

Nothing makes me madder than some smart-ass that replies to any post that deals with Black Lives Matter  — or the protesting of any civilian that is killed by excessive force unnecessarily by a police officer who will  never face accountability for it — with “why don’t black people care about black on black crime in Chicago.”

1)  Just because you don’t know anything about measures taken to combat crime violence from people of color in inner cities, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

2)  Just because Fox News doesn’t report on Barack Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative in places like Chicago that involve public figures like Al Sharpton, where people of color are trying to end  “black on black” crime, doesn’t mean it’s not going on at the very moment you write that ridiculous shit.

3) Congratulations on being the most unoriginal and stupid thing I’ll read all day — that’s quite an accomplishment in a city full of half-illiterate Trump voters.

*eye roll *

White people.


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