The Internet Is Killing Me.

So Colin Kaepernick not only met with a Green Beret yesterday — that he flew to San Diego to meet with to discuss how he could continue getting attention with his protest in a way that wouldn’t disrespect military — and pledged a million dollars to charities,  but he donated $60,000 worth of backpacks to inner city kids in Harlam. I wonder how many news outlets will report on that?

It amazes me that so many Americans need a villain (a faux villian) when there are so many real ones out there.  It also amazes me that there are so many Americans that believe that freedom of speech means that somebody like Phil Robertson can make hateful and incendiary comments about gays and not lose any television sponsors or TV contracts. But when someone actually exercises freedom of speech — which means protest against the government — they want to kick them out of the country.

I know not everybody reads as much as me, but didn’t you go to elementary school? Didn’t you, America, learn what freedom of speech entails? Don’t you know anybody from the Vietnam War generation? I don’t like what Kap did,  but to suggest that he doesn’t have the right to do it is silly. It’s also insane to make him into an evil monster for his personal choice of protest.

This story is burning me up, and the internet is killing me!


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