Are You High or Just Plain Stupid, Trump Supporters?

Let me see if I’ve got this straight…

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton participated in three email chains in which a paragraph on each of the email chain contained  classified information that was, as worded by the FBI, “improperly marked.” As such, emails with an error in classification, Hillary Clinton had no way of knowing those three paragraphs contained sensitive information since they weren’t marked properly — neither did her staff which is generally who handles the majority of someone that important’s email.

That’s your scandal?

That’s your “lock her up” so-called criminal behavior?

Let me phrase this as sensitively as I can:  ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?!

The hearings into Benghazi, which has been investigated over a dozen times by bi-partisan panels and independent investigations, has found no wrongdoing or cover up by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State or the State Department. Your Clinton Foundation “pay to play” scandal is laughable — a joke which is simply a partisan attempt to smear one of the best worldwide charitable organizations for political cause, and not even an intelligent one at that. And your “criminal” email behavior is the forwarding of 3 email chains in which one paragraph on each were improperly marked.

Donald Trump threatens to bust up NATO, to turn our back on Great Britain because the mayor of London thinks he’s an arse,  and to allow North Korea to access nuclear weapons. The man can’t pronounce Tanzania, thinks  the “department of the environmental” is a for real thing, and doesn’t know his political butt from a hole in the ground.

At this point, it would take a pretty big flipping scandal to get anybody with a brain that somewhat  functions to vote for that neon gas bag over the most qualified candidate to ever run for such office, and you all can’t even give me a real one. Let alone a good one.

Go back to your “Look, Mommy –Washington D.C.!” coloring books, Trump voters, us big girls are trying to have a conversation.

Let us know if you need any assistance using the sharpener on the back for your “Build A Wall!” big-kid color pencils.

Make sure to save your work by marking the pages with your shiny new “My Grandparents Are Close Cousins!” Confederate flag-sticker coated book mark.

*eye roll*


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