Life Taking Care Of A Crazy “Old Lady”

Is that dog butt for a face, Misty Mahan Dantico, still so scarily obsessed with me that she’s sharing my post on group Facebook pages again — or did this one get spammed?


2 thoughts on “Life Taking Care Of A Crazy “Old Lady”

  1. Do you know how annoying it is to receive screenshot of your useless and mind numbing blog sent to me daily? Listen, I don’t care about you! I in fact have you and your craziness blocked but for some ungodly reason your “friends” as you like to call them keep sending me this nonsense. How on God’s green earth do you think anyone will take you seriously when you choose to berate and defame people?
    You say you know me so well so please tell the world about me. But don’t forget to leave out the important things. How I choose to get up every day and spread awareness about about CHD. That I spend every waking moment doing all I can to help my children have the best education possible. How I help the CHD community in fundraising and support families at Vanderbilt by any means possible. How I’m so un-American because I believe you should work for what you want and need and pay your own way. How my multi racial family makes me a bigot. How believing that love is always better than hate makes me a homophobe.
    Just because someone doesn’t believe in the same things the almighty candi mathis believes in doesn’t make them a bad person. It makes them their own individual.
    You are not on my radar until someone puts you there.
    Please ask your friends to kindly quit sharing your blog to me.
    You have never been my friend, you have never shown me kindness, you have no clue who I am. So before you take my name and blast it again for everyone to read maybe you should do some research.
    You are more than welcome to make this comment public so the world may see I’m not the evil bully you make me out to be.

  2. What is wrong with you, you unattractive, clearly psychotic skank? After creating a Twitter account just to scroll through mine so that you could post those post (and my Facebook posts) on the “Dickson Scene Facebook” page and screenshot my Facebook posts on other group Facebook pages, reporting me to Facebook,  getting me blocked FROM MY OWN ACCOUNT when I called out your cowardly acts — you’re still scrolling through my blog post and sharing my feed? And hanging out on my WordPress site? This is clear, demonstrable proof that you have serious, severe psychiatric issues.

    I don’t know if you’re mad because you’re ugly, or if you’re angry because I’m painfully smarter than you, or if you’re one of those white people who have held on tightly to that deeply regarded fundamental untruth sold to you by your white trash ancestors that you retain some sort of superiority simply based on your skin color and you can’t stand people like me coming along and shattering that sad, (desperately needed for sense of self) fabrication —  and I don’t give a shit. I just care about pointing out that your levels of patheticness has reached epic proportions when I have to block your insecure, jealous, trifling, trashy, uneducated ass from Facebook for cyberstalking me, and you’re STILL hanging out on my blogpost and randomly sharing my feed.

    I also care about pointing out the fact that if you weren’t hiding behind your phone screen in Hendersonville, you wouldn’t be quite so brazen. I mean you, wouldn’t Dickson County to see you get that ass kicked AGAIN.

    Would you, coward?

    How many times do I have to remind you that you’re a parent — and as a parent, cyberstalking and failing miserably at attempts to cyberbully someone you’re severely envious of is sad and low.

    But reporting them to Facebook for calling you out on your grade school  actions is just beyond miserable.

    Stop stalking me, following my posts, and being, in general, scarily obsessed with me. Get help for yourself, Misty.

    It’s sad  that innocent children have to be raised by somebody so bitter over being plain (and, if we’re honest) dumb. I can’t help you with those, Misty. But I can point you in the direction of good psychiatrist. Because good fucking God, you need it, skeeze.

    Go away, trash.

    Straight. White. Trash.

    I’m done, here.


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