Dear Blogger: “Social Media Isn’t The Place For That!”

This the way I feel about Facebook. Everybody wants to use social media to show off what they do, what they buy, how perfect their life is — I don’t. Never have. I use Facebook mostly to write and to link to my writing. It’s why I don’t send friend requests and never have. You come to me, you’re going to know what you get. And when you start telling me you’re offended, I can tell you to piss up a rope.

Everybody in three counties should have tee-tee on their legs now over their inability to be objective  over our nation’s leader.

And they asked for it.

I use social media to write. Period.  I also use Facebook and social media to blast County Commissioners for gay shaming;  rednecks for cowardly online black people hating;  or expose people who mistreat, take advantage of others; those who don’t do what they’re supposed to, or who make your life hell. Especially cheaters — they really get upset about that.

My theory is if you don’t want me to write about things, try doing better. If you’re in my life, or even not in my life, and you feel offended by something I write, maybe it’s your actions and not my writing about them you dislike potentially being exposed. I’ve found that when I truly want change — put it on Facebook! Every nosey-ass busybody with no real life friends sitting around knee deep in a tub of icecream will screen shot that shit and pass it around faster than a case of the clap at Bonnaroo.

It’s the quickest way to get your message out.

You want to change something you don’t like about life — writing about it works.  If you don’t like the way you’re portrayed when someone writes about their life, my advice to you (particularly men) — try doing better in it!

Also, to those who cry “Facebook is not the place to write about stuff like that…”  Once again, I call bullshit.

We use social media to show off everything we’ve bought, every time we go to a sporting event, everytime we go to Walmart and can’t find something on the shelf. We announces deaths, births, promotions, job losses, vacations. There’s NFL players that found out on social media they’re losing their jobs before they got a call in a board room. We post pictures of what we eat, we use social media to announce every time we take a shit. And then we ask for medical advice if that shit doesn’t come out right.

So don’t you dare tell me — or anybody — that they shouldn’t write about the realness of their life because it might offend you. That’s alcoholic-codependent mentality, if you wanna know the truth. That’s Miranda Lambert “Mama’s Broken Heart” behavior.  It’s not my job to not use my skills of writing and blogging to reach out to other people and relate to their situations and make them laugh a little bit, nor is it my job to sugarcoat the truth (my truth) and make sure everybody comes out smelling like a rose in all situations I might write about. It’s my job to write my life. And I will.  Like so many other Mommy bloggers, Trump haters, health care givers, those in recovery, and others who blog through hard stuff — there’s humor in other people’s life shit.

Well, at least for those of us not pretending to have it all together. Because all you need to do is open the city paper any given year to see that I don’t.

And when my grandmother tells me to “get out” and then spends the very next night ALL ALONE because I did, I damn sure will write about it — since it broke my heart. Because the only ones that seem to truly understand are my co-bloggers or online “My Life Is Shit!” friends writing about their frustrations.

If that offends you, I’m sorry. I write. Especially when I hurt. It’s what I do.


2 thoughts on “Dear Blogger: “Social Media Isn’t The Place For That!”

  1. It is interesting how everyone wants to enjoy their freedom of speech whiie telling you not to enjoy yours. I think the oversharing has to do with boredom. People have a free platform and realise they don’t have anything to say. It is easier to make nonsense than it is to admit to having nothing to say. Best wishes. xo

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