Evolution of ‘How To Defeat ISIS’ by Donald Trump

How to defeat ISIS like Donald Trump:

Trump: “Oooo, I’ll get that ISIS. I will be so tough on ISIS you won’t believe it.”

Trump:  “My plan? Oh, my plan is the greatest plan probably ever in the history of plans.”

Trump:  “How? Well, my plan is so great and so tough that I can’t tell you my plan.”

Trump:  “My plan — and believe me, I’m the only one that can come up with this plan — well, a lot of people are saying it’s, maybe,  the greatest plan they’ve ever  seen.”

Trump:  “My plan is to get in the room with the generals, and give them 30 days to tell me their plan. No, not the same generals I’ve been saying I know more than, who can’t win anymore, and are an embarrassment to our country. NEW generals.”

Trump:  “My plan is that when I come up with a plan, I’ll call the generals in and, if I like their plan,  maybe I’ll take some of their plan and my plan, when I come up with a plan.”

That, boys and girls, is the brilliant foreign policy execution from the man with “the best words.”

And how could we forget — a “very good brain.”
I guess all those “morning shows” watched in preparation to become commander-in-chief, have really paid off, huh Donald?

Lucky America.

* gags *


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