You’re A Dipspit, Donald Trump.

Perhaps these Republican talking heads and now Donald Trump — although he loves to talk about Libya, I think we could all agree he couldn’t point out Libya on a map — bringing up the “mistake” under the Clinton State Department of the intervention in Libya, should try asking the Libyan people how they feel about overthrowing the Gaddafi regime. Have you, Donald Trump, ever looked upon the thousands of photos of men, women, and children killed by Muammar Gaddafi’s people that now line the walls of the “museum” put up to honor their fight for freedom.

I have. It’s harrowing.

I can tell you based on the information and books I’ve read and documentaries I’ve watched documenting the aftermath — the Libyan people seem to have hope for the future for the first time. Was there chaos that followed? Absolutely. Has there been terror, death, and destruction as a result? Unfortunately. Are the Libyan people better off, grateful, and in charge of their country’s future minus the murderous, sick regime of Gaddafi — well, according to ACTUAL Libyans and not Fox News talking points, without question.

Donald Trump knows what black people needs, but he talks about black people and at black people  instead of talking to black people. Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans know how “bad” and “disastrous” the regime change has been for Libyans, yet don’t ask the Libyan people or actually visit there to see it for themselves. The Republicans want to talk about Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death and try to blame Hillary, yet while seeming to be so angry over his death, they never take the time to actually get to know anything about Mr Stevens himself. Like the fact that Chris Stevens had an amazing relationship with the Libyan people who mourned him tremendously, and that relationship and his love of the Libyan people is the reason he chose to remain in a dangerous place  — because he believed in their future, the promise of Libya and their fight to overturn Gaddafi. His mother and family have also asked the Republicans to stop politicizing his death because Chris Stevens gave his life for a cause he believed in wholeheartedly — the fight to bring independence to the Libyan people. He was loved beyond measure for that there.

Once again, in the NBC Townhall event, Donald Trump proves that there is nothing he won’t talk about it — even when he hasn’t the slightest bit of information on whatever it is he’s running that hole in his face about — in a attempt to launch an unfounded verbal attack on Hillary Clinton, even if it means tainting the legacy of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Who, ironically enough,  is the man the Republicans have spent five years claiming to care so much about.


Also, as I’ve been screaming for 15 months now, the only world in which “Take the oil!” makes sense, is one in which Donald Trump uses our military to invade Iraq and then profits from it by getting in bed with corporations like BP Oil — you know, similar to the billions of dollars made by Halliburton and Dick Cheney in the last invasion of Iraq.

Take the oil?

What? Like we took Texas from Mexico? Or the whole entire damn country from Native Americans?

You cannot just invade a country and take their natural resources.
This isn’t 1770, you neon bag of bullshit.


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