Thanks, Obama!

Had a yard sale today at my house and I realized… I completely and totally lack the ability to be nice to people that I don’t like. I really have no unathentic cell in my makeup. My one neighbor — the one that’s a County Commissioner involved in the gay hating, the one I called out in the paper for being black and discriminating against gay people, when if people had the authority to override the SCOTUS, black people would have been sitting on the back of the bus decades longer — came over and for the life of me, I could not make myself be polite to him. I even called him by his first name — and I address everybody that I don’t know well that’s older than me by “Mr/Mrs So and So.” At the same time, another neighbor came over and was spewing racist rhetoric, and while I pushed back on a few of his “political” talking points, I found myself liking the guy and I couldn’t be mean to him — even though I thought if he said one more racist thing I would likely throw something at his head. But he had a likeable quality. I hate that about myself — that I genuinely just like most people even if I have to tell them off. I can find redeeming qualities in an inmate on death row.

Funny, all it took for people to start telling me I was “judgmental” and “narrow minded” was a black POTUS.

But hey, I’m sure that’s just coincidence. Right, D.County?


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