Farewell To My Friend, Mr. Billy Lankford.

So sad to hear about my friend Mr.Billy Lankford. One of my favorite people on the planet and the reason I’d put Burns up against anywhere — they just don’t make them like that everywhere. A God-fearing, Christ-following, America-loving, strong Southern Democrat. The kind, as I always say, that didn’t abandon the party that saved the nation during the Great Depression simply because they suggested that black kids go to school with our white ones. Mr. Billy was a credit to the God that he served, a blessing to our small town, and a dear friend to my Uncle Chunky. The kind of man that brightened your life with a hug and a smile — and his warmth stayed with you for weeks.

People always ask me if I’m sure I don’t ever want to get married, but you have to understand — Mr. Billy is an example of the kind of men I grew up around, along with those like my Uncle Chunky and Shot Grove, and they just don’t make them like that everywhere. Burns set the bar high. And we just lost one of the best.

Enjoy Heaven,  my friend.

I know you’ll fit right in.

I mean, we all know God’s a Democrat. 

(Wink, wink.)


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