“Health Scare Sunday,” My Ass.

The media is killing me.  MSNBC seriously just asked:  “Do you think after Hillary’s health scare, she’s medically unfit to be President?” Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair the entire time he was in office and was seriously one of the two best presidents we’ve ever had — second only to Abraham Lincoln.  John F Kennedy underwent serious back surgery and suffered from the very severe Addison’s disease and was chronically ill the entire time he was in office, even to the point of death at times, and still dealt with the Bay of Pigs crisis while being so.  Ronald Reagan took a bullet in office, come closer to dying than the public realizes, and his ability to preside over the nation was never questioned. A case of pneumonia disqualifying?  Give me a break!

Every woman knows exactly what Hillary Clinton’s “health scare” was about. If you don’t, you’re either a liar or you’ve never done much in your life.  Have we forgotten that the exact same thing happened to her as Secretary of State? What was that, exactly?  Hillary Clinton being hell bent on NOT giving in to being sick. A a chronic overachiever, being sick is not something she does well, and canceling a well-planned schedule is beneath the character of someone with her resume, experience,  and qualifications. She wasn’t going to let some little lung infection get her. Again, a mirror incident of what happened when she was Secretary of State — the same damn thing. Where she finally dropped in the state department, hitting her head and giving herself a concussion on the way down.

Of course we know why the media is freaking out about it, because if she were a man with a cough, she’d still be at home whining on the couch about it.
Because they’re babies!  We all know, ladies, exactly how men act when they’re sick.

No wonder the media is so fascinated by someone who doesn’t give in even in the face of a fever — it was a male dominated industry for so long.

But now, the attempt to act like she’s hiding her health is infuriating. The only thing Hillary was attempting to hide is her pathological compulsion to do too much — the same way she got the aforementioned concussion as Secretary of State, because she was flying around the world refusing to be ill.

They — the media — are killing me with this!

We want to talk health, at least we’ve see a legit doctor’s note from an actual sane physician who released coherent medical stats and information on a presidential candidate, instead of Trump’s “healthiest person ever elected to the presidency” BS.  I mean if we want to examine health, let’s see Donald Trump’s liver scans. It’s very possible he suffers from some abnormalities — like jaundice. Because I’m actually pretty certain it’s not normal to be the color of a f-cking tangerine.

And about that ” basket of deplorables.”

Be honest —  what made Trump supporters so mad about that was having to ask their liberal friends what deplorable means. (I stole that from Twitter.)

* major eye roll *


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