Listen, Internet: The Only Thing Kaepernick HAS To Do Is Stay Brown And Die.


The internet is all, like: “Colin Kaepernick needs to stand up!”

“Colin Kaepernick needs to keep kneeling!”

I’m all, like:  “Colin Kaepernick needs to keep wearing his hair like that!”

Nothing against the fro, but it has to be hard to fit in a helmet.

Seriously, this is America. If you want a country where you dictate how others pledge allegiance to their flags or exercise their freedoms,  they have places like that — they’re called Cuba, North Korea, China.

Kaepernick can stand, kneel, sit. Makes no difference to me so long as he takes his shirt off and keeps his mouth shut. Cause that’s how I like my men.

Such gross overreaction to a black man exercising his constitutional rights. Perhaps, internet, you should pay more attention to places like Flint, Michigan, and athletes of color wouldn’t feel compelled to raise their fists in solidarity or take a knee during the anthem.

Colin Kaepernick’s cause is something that’s on my heart every single minute of every single day.  So to me, it doesn’t matter where he positions himself during the anthem — so long as it’s one in which I get a good look at those abs.

America has lost their minds over this — so as to intentionally miss his message. That’s why he’s kneeling in the first damn place.


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