The Tangerine-Tinted Natural Disaster Talks Childcare

You can’t make this stuff up. For two decades Democrats have been trying to make paid maternity leave a reality here in the United States like it is in every other developed country on Earth, and Republicans continue to say, “It’s not my job to pay you to stay home with your kid!”

Donald Trump comes out today and says, “We can offer every woman who has a baby 6 weeks of paid maternity leave.”

And his audience lights up like this is brand new information.

Two things funny about that:  1) Trump supporters applauding because they’re too politically ignorant to even realize YOUR  party is NOT on board with that;  2) Democrats (read: Hillary Clinton) have been working on those proposals for decades.

Your party says NO — constantly.


Trump supporters have reached such a scarily cultish mentality where the party of “put God back in schools”  could watch Donald Trump  stand up preach about separation of church and state, and they’d start singing, “Amen! Hallelujah, Brother Trump! Preach, preach!”

And then invariably go on to talk about how he “tells it like it is.”

That is, until he decides to tell it some other way. In which case, “Barack Obama!”

At this point, the most polite response I have for Donald Trump is this:  SHUT THE F-CK UP, you tangerine-tinted natural disaster.

He’s like a tsunami of stupid. A typhoon of tyranny. An earthquake of massive idiot. A tornado of trash. A flood of f-cked up faux-presidential bullshit.

Come on, November.


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