I LOOOOVE Black People: Why Donald Trump Will Not See The Oval Office

I don’t know who killed JonBenet Ramsey. I don’t know if the Vols will beat Florida on Saturday (it depends on which Tennessee team shows up). I don’t know if the Titans will win more than 2 games this season. My heart won’t let me formulate an estimation on when Yadier Molina will retire. I don’t know why Florida State got blown out by 50 (or how), or why Ole Miss seems to be the only team in the country that can get something over on Alabama. But I know this: Donald Trump will not be elected president of United States.

I know that in the near 16 months I have spent consuming this in my every waking moment, I have discovered one glaringly fundamental difference between surrogates for other candidates that verbally spar with Trump supporters and surrogates of other candidates — particularly Hillary Clinton supporters– of color who spar with Trump surrogates. Those of color are noticeably angry when the subject of Donald Trump is approached.

I’ve written many times about how you cannot win the White House without carrying 40% of the Latino vote — the reason that George W. Bush was able to win the popular vote in one such ection (2004) is because he did. And that’s rare for a Republican, and almost unheard of for today’s brand of Build-A-Wall Republican. That 40% of Latino doesn’t count for votes of color. Meaning: There are just not enough racist white people to win elections. Voters of color — be they black or brown — are angry at Donald Trump. Understandably so.

Donald Trump has spent 5 years slandering, smearing, and attempting to de-legitimize the president of the United States. Insinuating that he’s not actually American — which is a racially coated charge held by white people that goes back to the way we as a nation treated people of color since the arrival at Jamestown.

How the hell do you treat the nation’s first African American president with such BS and bigotry, and then expect to seek election to the nation’s highest office?

Now, Trump attempts to gloss  over it. Skip it. Or “move on” as Kellyanne Conway claims. Donald Trump’s can’t take back his birtherism claims anymore than Jenny McCarthy can take back her vaccine nonsense. The time for that was years ago.

In other terms:  It’s too late now, hoss!  You’ve done real damage. And we’re — the sane portion of the population — mad as hell.

The Obama Coalition, that handed one of the soundest defeats seen in presidential elections in recent memory  (there’s only been a few)  to John McCain, will, make no mistake,  rally. I don’t care what people — and by that, I mean pundits — say. I don’t care what polls say. If polls predicted presidents,  we’d have a President Landon, President Dukakis, President Romney.  I care what happens when you piss change-makers off. Don’t underestimate the power of seeing President Obama tell his base that if they want to give him a good send off, they’ll get out and vote for Hillary Clinton.

President Obama remains tremendously popular among those that love him — and, bear in political mind, they were enough to elect him twice. They’re very loyal to President Obama; appreciative of Obama; and when the president speaks, they listen.

The majority of American voters are not going to witness the three presidential debate with Donald Trump verbally vomiting fabricated spoken upchuck and Hillary Clinton speaking in that elusive and increasingly effervescent tongue of truth (and fact) and make the ridiculous choice. Americans are smarter than that.

The electoral map is laid out in favor of a Democrat, it would take a strong, sound, sane Republican to break through that and Donald Trump can’t even break through to his own party. I refuse to accept that I live in a nation that can subscribe to the belief that a man that knows absolutely zero about government is the best equipped to lead it. That’s naive nonsense.

The cherry on the election sundae? Even if the white people were ridiculous enough to soak up that shit speech Donald Trump spits everytime he opens that hole in his spray tan face, black people.

Yes, black people. Black people are here to save the day. Don’t ever get complacent, white supremacist — which means, Trump voters — over the power of what black people are able to do when rallied.  And black people are going to come out in droves to save this election. 

So, white people who read above a grade school level, which means any of you not voting for Trump,  you should take the time to turn to a black person next to you and say,  “Thank you!”

Thank you for music, thank you for sports, thank you for hot water cornbread, thank you for the Olympics, and thank you for saving us from the dumb ass, angry white people every time it’s the season to vote for a President. Thank you for policing our streets, for serving our nation, for teaching our classrooms, performing our root canals, for curing our cancer, for continuing to contribute to a nation that is constantly slapping you in the face — currently with the presidential candidate for the Republican party.

Not all of us spend our spare time cutting eyeholes in our shiny, new white sheets.

So, thank you, black people. You are the reason I can say emphatically that Donald Trump will not EVER see the Oval Office.  And I love the hell out of my black American fam for that.


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