JonBenet Ramsey, CBS, Part 1

The only thing that could get me to turn Clay Matthews is this JonBenet Ramsey documentary series.  Clearly this investigative panel believes that Patsy Ramsey wrote that “ransom note” — which was the most prominent theory.  But it still doesn’t explain or  answer for the unidentified male DNA  found on JonBenet Ramsey’s underwear at the time, and then years later, the unidentified male DNA found on her pajamas — that was extracted using a technique that wasn’t available before — that matched the unidentified DNA from 96.

Also, my problem with the theory of the voices on the 911 tape — which has been soundly debated since 1996 — is why would Patsy ask Burke, “What did you do?” and why would Burke ask, “What did you find?” when that same theory is also the one that suggests the Ramseys staging a kidnapping because they knew exactly what Burke had done and were trying to cover up (and in the process of during that 911 call).

Makes little sense.

That theory would have us believe that Patsy Ramsey discovered her unconscious, knocked in the head daughter, assumed — without verifying — that Burke was responsible, staged a kidnapping and sexual assault, called 911, and then, when Burke appears, asks: “What did you do?”

If Patsy Ramsey was covering anybody’s actions, they were her own.


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