The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey, CBS

Ooookaay. Every one of these recent documentaries on JonBenet Ramsey has had a different conclusion or are going in a different direction.  I still have trouble with the DNA found on her underwear — that also matched the DNA found on her long johns. This CBS show has left that (and quite a bit) out. The evidence  has not been as easy as they made it seem. So many things about this case that contradict itself. For example, a body being covered by a blanket suggest the victim was killed by someone they know, and, in general,  a woman. But the manner in which she was killed — in the head with a blunt object — suggests otherwise. Unless her long johns and her underwear came from the same place and have both not been washed, the DNA transfer doesn’t hold up. The transfer theory would only make sense if those items were fresh out of the package — which we don’t know that they were.  And from the same source.  If not, you still have DNA from an unidentified male on her long johns AND inside her panties.

I don’t dismiss DNA that easily. No matter how overwhelming the circumstantial is. And neither do juries. Which is why Boulder claimed that it didn’t go forward with the indictment — they didn’t have solid proof to convict.

Plus, there’s the fact that Burke Ramsey has not been in a single bit of trouble since then, and if he’s really, truly a sociopath — that’s hard to believe. He did attend and graduate from college.

This case is just so disturbing.

From the fact that fingerprints were found on the bowl of pineapple — which is not surprising, your prints are all over your house — but they weren’t on the flashlight. Which suggests that they wiped the murder weapon down when staging the “kidnapping” — yet, they put the notepad and Sharpie right back in their spot directly after writing the alleged ransom note? And then forgot to throw the rough drafts away?!

It’s just all so bizarre.


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