The Wealthy White Boy Whine

Donald Trump Jr. compared Syrian refugees to Skittles. Because when you see the footage on the nightly news of children 3-5 years old with war injuries, crying, screaming bloody murder, you think about a candy only a fat-ass nation would consume.

(Apologies, Marshawn Lynch.) 

The anger that hit me upon seeing this privileged prick making light of one of the most devastating situations that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, is almost unmeasurable.  The propaganda thrown at you about  how we “don’t have a way to vet refugees” is a lie. The rhetoric you hear about most of the refugees being able-bodied men is a lie. The vetting process for refugees is well-documented and the majority of them are children, male  children 14 and under, women, and elderly. They spend 24 months in a screening camp, have to be recommended by the United Nations, and the process for entry into this country as a refugee is one of the most rigorous of all entry processes, and it’s more selective than anywhere else in the world. And yet people like Donald Trump Jr., who grew up with a penthouse, multimillion-dollar vacation mansions, and a billionaire father can somehow see children screaming in agony,  as they pick shrapnel out of their body with no anesthetic and try to save their limbs — and joke about it on Twitter. The Civil War in Syria is enough to make anybody with a heart break down and sob with gratitude wondering what you did to be so lucky to be born an American. And Trump Jr’s arrogance and sheer stupidity is sickening. I guess he’s a chemically colored chip off the old spray-tanned block.

At the same time you have rich white boys bellyaching about potentially saving orphans,  Terence Crutcher was killed for being black. Since Twitter is the new organizational breeding ground for the movement of our lifetime, I go there first for feedback.

Some of the best, read (and I’m paraphrasing):

“A black man takes a bullet.
The world: Doesn’t notice.
Black man refuses to stand in protest.
The world: Outraged.

“White people, can you tell me how I should protest the murder of Terance Crutcher? I don’t want to be offensive.”

“If you are outraged at Colin Kaepernick but unphased by what happened to Terance Crutcher, you’re the reason there’s a problem.”

The very concept that the exact same people that are so angry over the fact that SOME disenfranchised groups in America are now starting to see the same justice that you’ve always enjoyed, and others are refusing to back down until all do,  are the ones spewing vitriol onto orphans and children in war-ravaged parts of the world living in a hell I can’t imagine, is just pushing me beyond my limits of sanity. I don’t understand people like you. Nor do I understand whatever God or Jesus you claim to worship, and you can shove that “god” straight up your ass — because I don’t want anything to do with a Supreme Being that would allow you to ignore something like that.

My God — the Jesus I know — would never command me to see children suffering and to do nothing. Let alone compare them to bowls of multi-colored cavity enhancement.

You’re a dick, Donald Trump Jr.
And I suppose the question I should really be asking is this: Which football team do these unarmed black men being killed by entrusted servants of the law have to play for in order for you, white, redneck Trump enthusiasts, to care?


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