Unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you don’t understand why black people in this country — and white people like me — are angry, you need to Google John Crawford. Police killed a man in Walmart buying a BB gun and there was no accountability for it. There’s never accountability for it.
And that’s beyond wrong, America.

Again, I ask you Trump voters — which team do these unarmed black men gunned down  unnecessarily by trusted members of law enforcement have to play for in order for you to care?

Tulsa, Oklahoma  guns down a man for no reason and now they’re (read: white people) justifying it by reporting that they found drugs in his car. I don’t care if I’m rolling like a cocaine kingpin, you don’t have the right to kill me. You arrest me!

Now, in Charlotte, North Carolina,  plainclothes officers serving a warrant on the wrong man, rolled up with guns drawn,  ambushed the man while he was sitting in his car (what?  because all black people look so much alike to you, CPD,  that you can’t run the damn plates?) , he got out with his gun — police aren’t even claiming that he pointed it at them, because he did not — and they killed him.

White rednecks and the NRA want people to carry guns everywhere, but when a black man is killed just for holding one, silence. Philando Castile didn’t aim a  gun at anybody. And if I was sitting in my car and plainclothes officers ambushed me with guns drawn and I had a weapon, I might get out of the car holding it too.

Black men don’t even have to be holding a gun, they don’t even have to be committing a crime, to get shot by an officer that gets away with it.

When it comes to the protests, protest is not violence, and to those getting violent — now,  you know that Dr. King did not teach you kids to throw rocks at the police. At the same time, Dr. King said that a riot is the language of the unheard.

And people of color are not being heard in this country when cops can continue to gun down people of color without cause and get away with it. I wrote about this extensively following Freddy Gray — do you want to be right,  white people, or do you want to fix this?

Because we, as a nation, can fix this. But you — white people — would have to care first.

We’ve ran out of words, America. We’re talking past each other. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is what happens then. However, in order to actually have a conversation, white people would have to be willing to acknowledge that there is a problem first.


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