You Know What They Say, America? Once You Go Black…

It still baffles me that people blame the racial division in this country on the president. Because that makes more sense than the fact that racist white people had to watch a brown man become the leader of the Free World and they’re losing their ever-loving small minds over it.

Example: Best actor in Hollywood? Denzel Washington. Black.

Best sitcom on regular television? Blackish. Again, black.

Best television writer?  Shonda Rhimes, black.

Best pop star? Beyonce.  Black.

It was hard enough on the racists to make it through an unprecedented era where the best golfer was black. I mean, it was brutal, man! Tiger Woods was threatening to ruin the integrity of entire game with that fist pump.

And now? Sheesh!

The president? Uh, Black.

Attorney General of the United States? Black. Consecutively.

Sitting MVP of the NFL? That’s gotta be a quarterback — at least we got a white guy there, right? Cam Newton, black.

Current quarterback of the Crimson Tide — as in, state university of one of the two most racist states in the nation — black.

What’s the other?  Mississippi. Who just finished Dak PreScott under center.  Yep, black.

Gay marriage? Legal. Everywhere.

I’m sure it’s Obama and black people that are so angry though,  right?

* eye roll *

And now, they’re —  rage filled racist white people — just now figuring out that they can no longer kill a black man with a badge just because they feel like it and get away with it. And they’re madder than hell over that,  too.

That’s how you get a Donald Trump presidential candidacy, kids.

Recent polls show over 60% are “concerned” over Hillary’s handling of Iraq, Libya, Syria.

My response? At least she can locate those countries on a map! There’s only one characteristic or “qualification” of Donald Trump that appeals to his followers. And it’s his racist mouth.

Tell the truth, now…


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