What’s Great About America Is Change

I just watched 93-year-old woman whose father was born into slavery ring the bell to the new Smithsonian Museum of African American history with the first black president. Don’t tell me we need to make America great again, Donald Trump. We’re already making America great. Change is here. Change is now. And change is not going away.

We are not going to “Make America Great Again”. Because the coded message in that — in again — is take America back. And we are not going back. Not now,  not ever. Change is here. Change is staying.

Witnessing such a beautiful moment in American history, with both President Bush and Obama together, the difference in between the parties in American politics is glaring. I can think that George W Bush was a god-awful president without thinking that he’s a god-awful man. Now, the same is not true for Dick Cheney. But the Bushes are kind, compassionate, generous people who love God, their country, and their fellow man — and that includes black people, Republicans. I can think that and still think George W led a disastrous presidential administration. Yet, it seems to be a set requirement on the right to believe that Obama is the Anti-christ.

Just like on that bridge in Selma honoring the anniversary of that march, seeing the  Presidents together makes me realize why Americans will soundly reject the principles of Donald Trump this fall. Because we, as a nation,  are better than you, Donald Trump.

We always have been, we always will be. Even when those with the mindset of Donald Trump were the dominating force in this nation, there are always those voices that rallied for more, for better. That is who we are as a people. And that is what’s great about America.


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