A Shot Of Sanity Restoration From My Tennessee Volunteers

I believe that when you get to where you can’t take it anymore — you’re at end of your rope, you feel like you can’t hang on,  your sanity is slipping,  you feel like you’re either going to have to walk away or just go insane because nothing is ever going to change — the universe gives you a little present. 

That’s what just happened on the Tennessee football field.

At the same time, I find it extremely aggravating to hear Vol fans say, “I can’t believe it!”


I expect it every week. I don’t get it, but I expect it.  That’s why we watch sports. A little inspiration. A little escape from reality. A little way to find a piece of hope that things will be different than they really are. When you see men, kids,  overcoming obstacles on the court;  the diamond;  the field, you find a metaphor for the challenges in your own life. It’s also further infuriating to listen to the commentators talk about “this is unbelievable” and ” nobody expected this.” I expect it all the damn time.  This is football. Come backs happen every week. Somebody upsets somebody. And another team forgets how to play ball until the second half.  If I expected teams to lose, if I didn’t expect miracles, I wouldn’t waste so much time investing every weekend in something I thought was a lost cause.

Now, if the last two Heisman winners can find a way to get together on the football field and make something happen for me in the NFL and when Hillary kicks some butt Monday night, it’ll be all I need to recharge my “I can’t take this shit!” battery pack for awhile.

Just try not to get on my bad luck list — it stays for a while. And there’s more people than you can possibly imagine on it, as bad as Tennessee has played in past years. You don’t even want to know all the foods I can’t eat or shirts I can’t wear on game day. 

Go Vols!


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