You’re Embarrassing Yourselves, White People

White people on Twitter. Nothing makes me need another shot of espresso like white people on Twitter.

Until the Titans kick off. Then,  I’ve just got to put the phone down and breathe. The combination of both stupidity from random white people on the internet, INTs by Mariota, and a bad showing by the Titans could be fatal.

But this girl gets retweeted by that Big Head Sports account where she says, “I want a day of football with absolutely no politics.”

What she means by that is no politics that aren’t mine. (Generically speaking, Donald Trump.)   People always want political statements when they’re their brand. They celebrate political declarations from athletes or coaches when they’re like Mike Ditka. But Cam Newton?

“Shut up, n*****, and play ball!”

Oh, wait? Are we still pretending certain white people don’t say that word in private?

* eye roll *

Immediately after saying she wants no politics, this woman tweets:  “I hope they ignore those dumb-ass kneelers.”

I had to tweet that those dumb-ass kneelers have every right to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms just like she did in her dumb-ass tweet,  and that the only thing truly dumb-ass about their protest is dismissing the message and willfully choosing to ignore it. 

The fact that she — a white woman —  can purposely turn a blindeye to systemic racism any day she feels like it is exactly why they’re in your face with their protests in the first place.  If white people stop acting like such intentionally oblivious assholes,  protests will stop.

You want the athletes to stand? Try paying attention to their cause. It’s telling that white people in this country would rather, instinctively, brand black men with a message a dumb-ass, than take the time to actually listen to his message.

Whether or not I would ever not stand for the anthem is irrelevant. In this nation, our forefathers fought and died to secure the right of protest against the government. You don’t get to decide which is the right way to exercise that protest. No, random, obnoxious white people on the internet, you are not the sole arbiter of how people exercise their constitutional freedom.

And your “It’s disrespectful to the military!” press-back has already been humiliatingly debunked by the military themselves. As well as by the Constitution. (You know, it’s that little thing that the Gold Star father, Mr. Khan, had in his pocket that he tried to lend Donald Trump?)

We cry for non-violent, peaceful protest and then when football players do that, the white people scream:  “No, not that way.”

You’re embarrassing yourselves, white people.

How the f-ck are we even still discussing whether or not men like Colin Kaepernick should stand during the anthem instead of discussing the reason he’s not standing in the first place?

Oh, I know. It’s so we don’t have to.


Feel free to pass on my anger. The only way we ever begin to successfully dismantle societal bias in this nation is when white people refuse to stay silent.

Refuse to stay silent.


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