First Presidential Debate 2016

I just feel this incredibly profound sense of loss and sadness. I expected to giggle a little bit.  You would think that would be your reaction when someone says something so ridiculous like Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life fighting ISIS — when ISIS, roughly,  is the same age as Chipper. (Now, to be fair, it is a derivative of al-Qaeda and they’re a little older than my cat, obviously. But 50? Ha!) You would think I would enjoy that. But I just sat there with my hands over my face in humiliation.  And in embarrassment for the United States of America.  It was like Sarah Palin on steroids.

I’m sure you’ve read the words of Trump supporters that he really “gave it to her on trade.” When he did he talk about trade, it was with no plausible solution.  His policy on trade is like that man that sets down next to you at the bar and says, “Hey baby, I can make your life better. Why don’t you let me try?”

And you come back with something along the lines of: “I own my own home, my own car, got money in the bank, and I know how to use a power tool. How are you going to make my life better?”

The answer was usually something raunchy, nonsensical, and nothing you hadn’t heard before. That’s Trump on trade. As usual his diagnosis is not only minus a solution, it’s not even backed up by study or fact.

Correlation is not cause. Trump can spout shit and point fingers with regard to NAFTA,  but the general consensus is NAFTA had less of a negative impact on industrial production and manufacturing within the United States than did innovation, slave labor wages, and our lack of investment in trends and technology — which all had more to do with jobs going overseas than trade agreements.

Not only that, NAFTA — North American Free Trade Agreement –only deals with North America, Donald. That’s Canada and Mexico. Which has nothing to do with places like China and Philippines — where manufacturers (like Donald Trump and his clothing line) actually makes this stuff on the cheap and ship it in.

You know who is the number one exporter of goods we make here in the United States, Trump?
Mexico. And that’s in North America, twat.  That falls under NAFTA. Which means the top number of goods that we make here in the United States — which translates to production jobs — are sold to Mexico.

There are political nerds and policy wonks like me that’s been waiting four years for last night. And the GOP owes us an apology. There wasn’t any legit points that I could pick out about what Trump spewed on stage.  Unlike McCain and Romney,  it wasn’t a rigorous discussion on the political procedures, proposals, and processes inside of the greatest country on Earth. It was a shitstorm.  It was Donald Trump verbally abusing America, inner cities, and our nation’s livelihood and vitality. It was mind-numbing, it was embarrassing, and it was insane. The most hurtful part was that half of the country saw that and still believes that man is worthy of being president, or that he did a good job.

I didn’t know that many of us were so stupid or soul sick.

And when a billionaire stands on a presidential debate stage and brags that not paying federal taxes makes him smart, while simultaneously claiming to support the troops that he doesn’t even like funding, it’s a gut wrenching day for America.


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