Now THIS is insulting to our military, white people

I was at Kroger and I saw this:


So I left him this:


I hate cowards. So, of course,  I signed my name to it. Feel free to pass it around, maybe it’ll make its way to the jacka*s himself. As someone who idolized Louie Zamperini, this idiot has NO clue what it means to actually be in distress during defense of your nation.

Salute or don’t. However, just like burning a flag, it’s totally protected under the Constitution —  but so is my right to tell him what a douche that makes him. Get lost at sea for months, sir, then we can talk about a distress symbol. I can handle burning a flag, I can handle not saluting. But use your first amendment right to mock POW or injured in action because you don’t like a black POTUS, I’ll use mine to tell you that you’re a dick.

I hadn’t eaten anything other than chips or popcorn all week, and that man at Kroger made me so mad I need some damn chicken. Unlike Colin Kaepernick who is refusing to salute that flag in protest against the government until we do, in fact, provide justice for all, what that redneck is doing is specifically mimicking a symbol of our soldiers  when they are captured or in distress. That isn’t just about the government, then. You’re using what happens when soldiers — who put on that uniform to defend our freedoms — have been harmed and are in need of help, or when a nation falls in devastating peril to press back against a black president. THAT is insulting to our military. Your dislike of our commander-in-chief is not akin to  having your leg blown off or being captured by the enemy, nor is it any where near the actual equivalent of a nation under dire duress.


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