Why are you still surprised, Vol Twitter? Believe!!

I’ve been aggravated with these guys on Vol Twitter every week. They’re all “We suck!” and “We’re going to lose!” when we fall behind every week. I’ve been telling them — there’s something about this team! I’ve been saying it since I found and bought a #11 jersey at the Goodwill when Josh Dobbs was still the back up — that there was something about this kid.

I’d like that say that end surprises me,  but it doesn’t. Just like the 2011 Cardinals World Series win, there is something about this team. Always expect the miracle with them.


I’m telling you as sure as I told these people in the south that no, Obama was not gonna lose in 2012, this:  Tennessee is going all the way, y’all.

Of course, my Josh Dobbs lucky sweatshirt doesn’t hurt. It’s as magical as my baseball lucky chicken (which is responsible for that World Series win, thank you very much.)

And now, we’ve stepped on YOUR face, Dawgs.

Never play cocky clips before the game is over, CBS. Never.

Wonder how long it will take Chipper Jones the Cat to come out of hiding? I suppose my TD celebration was a little extreme.

#TennVsUGA #Tennessee #Vols


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