More Proof Donald Trump Is A Dumbass

Donald Trump finally begins acting like he’s actually running for president and buys some Network TV airtime this weekend. Did y’all see it?  It was during the Tennessee-Georgia game. Suggesting that either (a) his camp truly believes that Georgia is in play for the Democrats (I’m not there yet); or (b) he still doesn’t understand the electoral map. He has wasted time during this general election campaign stopping in states like Washington — that he will never win — and holding rallies in places like Mississippi — where he could murder somebody (remember, on 5th Avenue)  and still win by 10-20 points.

You could even make the argument that The Donald — Mr. One Man Band Kardashian, king of marketing and reality television — still doesn’t understand advertising. Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt that he was targeting the CBS/SEC game because he thought it was the biggest match up of the week (it wasn’t) and assumed that he was playing out to national audience and not just residents of Tennessee and Georgia, the majority of white males watching SEC football are likely already voting for Donald Trump anyway. (And there’s no way in hell he’s getting the vote of men of color, no matter where they live.)

Trump needs women to win this election. Women of color, in particular, given that black women are the largest turnout per demographic. NOT exactly the target audience of a football game.

One of the biggest clues of who knows what they’re doing in this election was illustrated by the purchase of uber-expensive air time during the Olympics by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Which, strategically enough, aired during all of the women’s gymnastics portion. It was an ad campaign using the actual words of Donald Trump insulting women, and questioning the fitness of someone with that temperament to be president of the United States and the effects it would have on our (particularly female) children. Parents of various political parties, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities and religions, who had gathered around the television with their daughters to watch women’s gymnastics, saw Donald Trump insulting women in his own words. Like everything else Hillary Clinton does,  it’s genius.

Donald Trump, a man who has “the best words” and will “hire the best people” still can’t even conjure up some that can coherently comprehend how to run a presidential campaign. And a man known for ratings on reality television, can’t even properly use and manipulate commercial air time.


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