Prayer and Politics

I’ve been running around this house for 2 days sounding like an elderly, Southern black woman.

“Oh, Lord Jesus, you take care of my baby. Lord, don’t you let anything happen to my baby.  Jesus, those babies are  all I’ve got. You take me out of this world  before you let anything happen to my babies. I’m telling you Jesus, those babies are the only joy I got in this world. You take me out now, just put me in the ground, sell my house and put it in their Harvard fund, but don’t you let anything else happen to my baby!”

So when I’m not yelling at the radio, screaming at football players that can’t hear me while sitting in line at Dunkin Donuts, I’m rocking back and forth, praying: “And Jabez called onto the God of Israel saying, ‘oh that you would bless me indeed… that your hand will be with me,  that you would keep me from evil…that you will heal my lovie!!'”

This is why everybody always wants to talk crap on Facebook (usually about Obama) but don’t have the gall to say  a damn thing when I waddle up too short to have even rode most of the rides at Opryland.

Because I’m flipping nuts and it shows.

That’s what’s wrong with this world, though. Everybody always wants to talk; everybody wants to do so much but nothing ever gets done;  everybody wants to run their mouth. Everybody is soooo tough on social media. Politicians calling each other out on Fox News, but they never call them out to their face. I ain’t met a Republican yet that would stand on that stage and say the things to Joe Biden that they say behind his back. Because they might not like what they get in return. Everybody talks, but nobody goes ape shit anymore.  You get more done in 5 minutes of ape shit then you could get in 55 weeks of talking.

Nobody has balls anymore. And when they do, they’re usually a little girl, gay or black. That’s what’s wrong with Washington. You’ve got too many people like Donald Trump who are busy talking tough while simultaneously being the biggest fullgrown male chickenshit I have ever seen. Then you’ve got women like Hillary Clinton that just gets stuff done. Everybody talks about how Hillary gets so much done, how Hillary can work across the aisle, how Hillary can coexist with Republicans and Democrats to actually accomplish stuff. But nobody talks about why that is. Why do you think that is?  Because behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton knows the power of going ape shit.

Lyndon Baines Johnson did as well.. And we can thank him for the Civil Rights Act.

Never ever underestimate the power of prayer AND acting like a fool. The Bible says some variation of ‘faith without works is dead.’  That means when the prayer isn’t working fast enough, you have to kick a little ass sometimes.

If we all did a little bit more praying and butt kicking, I think the world — and Washington, in particular — would be a much better place.

I’m not scared of a fist fight. I’m not scared of jail. In fact, one of my goals since I’ve been a little girl is to get jailed in a civil rights protest. I’m not scared of much of anything except something sad or bad happening to any of my babies and a Donald Trump presidency.

I’ll pray my little butt off to prevent both.


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