About Those Vulnerable Citizens, Governor.

I could barely sleep last night, tossing and turning, thinking of Mike Pence’s rabid defense of why he believes a 12-week clump of cells is more important than a living, breathing human child who just might be of Syrian descent, saying that a society can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable.

If that’s true, Governor, then our particular American sect of this society that we call Earth can expect to be collectively condemned for the way we turn a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow man, woman and child simply because we don’t like the language they speak, the God they pray to, their country of origin, or the color of their skin.

I am not a mother. Much like my idol, Dolly Parton, I believe that that is so every child is mine. God doesn’t allow some to become mothers who have it in them to love everyone else’s just as they would their own — for that reason. I never wanted children of my own. I always wanted to adopt. Always. When I look at a child, I see Avery, Emily, Chloe, Savannah, Katie. Every child is just one that I haven’t had the opportunity to love yet. I don’t distinguish between them — I mean, I think “mine” are better than yours, and my twins are definitely better than any other twins — but when I see children in war ravaged parts of the world having their arms and legs blown off, I don’t see Syrian refugees, I see human beings!

If society can be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens, then what about all of those global citizens in underdeveloped countries that we refuse to help simply because they have no natural resources that we need. What about that 19-year-old, single, penniless, pregnant scared teenager? Is slut-shaming her (with no accountability for the man that impregnated her and ran off) kind? What about the black man pulled over for a tail light and gunned down by the police? And what about his family when a grand jury refuses to indict a clear murder on tape?  What about the families impoverished inside inner cities where they’ve lived for decades with lower incomes, no opportunity and politicians that want to continually keep them disenfranchised by refusing to raise minimum wage when corporate profits are at an all-time high?  I don’t think you, Governor Pence, get to decide who the only “most vulnerable citizens” are in our society.  And if we look at America as a whole and the way we treat all of life’s most vulnerable populations, we really suck, Governor.

And I damn sure don’t see the Christianity in that.

Nor do I see the Christianity in turning down federally-funded dollars that would have provided Pre-K to 6,000 children in your state simply because you don’t like President Barack Obama or Washington. There are 6,000 children in your state right now, Governor, that could be learning in pre-K from families who would have appreciated the opportunity. If we’re going to be judged on anything, to me, that sounds like one of the most heinous of offenses to our young, vulnerable, eager-to-learn American citizens. No?


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