Hey Pundits: I Call BullShit!

I am laughing like a school girl at a One Direction concert,  arguing with a bunch of pundits on Twitter right now. Only in this election would lying your ass off be considered winning on “style” because you didn’t interrupt as much. Yes, Tim Kaine interrupted. And Mike Pence wouldn’t shut the hell up.

Here’s a clue guys,  if we would have allowed fact-checking in these  debates (which the GOP wouldn’t and whined incessantly after the  2012 body slam of Mitt Romney when Obama said “Candy, get the  transcripts” and outed  Romney on his lies on national television) then Tim Kaine would not have had to interrupt Mike Pence  every time he opened his mouth with a fresh Donald Trump lie.

Democrat or Republican, at this point in this election, you know exactly the things that Donald Trump has said — we all do!  Mike Pence spoke as if he believes that we’re all stupid, illiterate,  or haven’t had a television for the last 16 months. And only in this crazy,  unprecedented, lack of  journalistic integrity election cycle of 2016, would we allow somebody to lie on national television, and then claim that he “won” because he lied with a smile and a calm demeanor.


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